[I'm really not happy about this.
- Ed]


[I'm just saying, OK?. I'm allowed to say it, am I not? To reiterate it?]

Suit yourself. Anyway, this year we did something different, by which I mean the same as last year. Created in TyrannoBuilder, we present to you...

Ed and the Gamesoft Gals in 'Arcade Warriors'.

Download the revolutionary Micro-Visual-Novel sequel, Ed and the Gamesoft Gals in 'Arcade Warriors'!

(Windows-only as I can't get it to import to Mac! We can't get the browser version to work either, but maybe you can.

As Ed the Editor, you must participate in a tournament at Tokky's Arcade! Please fight powerfully!

[Or don't, because your pal Ed has been properly stitched up here.]

Oh, do be quiet.

Maybe we'll see you properly next April Fools, Ed!