Bloody Wolf may have lost its two-player mode in this TG16 port, but you still get a choice of two characters!

Both of them are the same, but certain bits of dialogue change depending on who you pick.

We get to pick a codename too. Fun!

Enter AAAAA and you'll get their 'official' names- the first (avec hair) is codenamed EAGLE, and the second (sans hair) is SNAKE...

... But because of this guy's faint resemblance to Solid Snake, we're calling him SNAKE, OK?

After selecting your code name, you get your mission briefing.

Who's the enemy? Dunno.

Why'd they capture the President? Couldn't tell ya.

Is that Colonel Trautman giving the orders here? Probably not.

... We're ready to go, then!

Stage 1 is pretty simple, but introduces some of the key elements of the game right off the bat.

For a start, it's got the three basic enemy soldiers: Green (rifles/grenades), Blue (machine guns) Red (bayonets).

Trust me, you'll be seeing these guys a lot, so the ones we'll mostly point out are the ones with machine gnus.

Also very important, you can go in doors! Let's try that immediately.

Shoot the barrels to take out the soldiers- please note that this catapults them off-screen- then hop in.

All these indoor sections fit on a single screen, and usually contain a mixture of hostages who occasionally give you intel of varying levels of usefulness, crates with essential supplies inside (use your close-range knife attack to open them), in rare cases a motorcycle, and a gaggle of enemies to take out before extracting the goodies within. As a warning, though, grenades and bazooka rounds will destroy crates and kill hostages, so only use close-range attacks to deal with the enemies in these rooms! You'll see hostages and crates in the open areas too, but these rooms usually have the best tat, so it's important you check every door to find them. Anyway, the hostage here is the master of starting the obvious, but the crate has a nice present for us, at least- the good ol' spread fire Shotgun!

The rest of this opening area is as basic as you get- just keep moving along and plough through the enemies. It's even easier if you can pick off one of the motorcycle guys to steal their hog- one appears just after the first truck (which has a hostage on top of it that has the Key for you- not strictly essential, but you'd be best to grab it anyway). After the rider's dead, just walk up to the cycle to ride it, and you'll storm through whatever the enemy throws at you, either with its mounted machine guns or just plain ol' running people over- you're basically invincible, but each hit you take chops away at your fuel. You've got a decent amount of gas to start with, but once it runs out, jump off (press Run) because it'll start flashing and explode soon after. If you're too slow, you'll go with it!

Don't blast through this area too quick, though- check the door after the door blocked by barricades above to find...

Ah, another ride. Fantastic. That crate also has a pretty important item, Muscle Mephasis Tablets, which adds an extra block to your health meter (and totally fills your meter at the same time). The maximum is six, and you'll lose any you've collected if you die and continue. Needless to say, this is a really handy item, so try and stay alive until you get the next one. Good advice for video games in general, that. Also, this is the first locked crate in the game- in the highly unlikely scenario that you don't have a key, mash the Fire button to stab the box repeatedly and it'll eventually open. Alternatively, as the manual suggests, turn your Turbo Switches to HIGH!

Anyway, head into the final door in this area to move on to our first mid-boss battle.

Hi, Shotgun Man!

If you've played the arcade Battle Rangers, you'll know this chap gets the most well-known piece of dialogue.

He's cleaned up his English since then, though: Sorry!

Shotgun Man, as the name implies. has a shotgun. He uses this to shoot at you. Shoot back at him.

There's really nothing to this as he only moves up and down, so pump hits fulla lead, and...

... Oh? This is novel.

After you've hit him a few times, he'll call some friends to back him up- armoured soldiers. They're completely impervious to bullets, so you'd assume grenades are the way to go, right? That's true, but they're also weirdly susceptible to knife attacks. However, unlike the other armoured soldiers in the game, these guys won't fire at you. You'd think they would, but nope, they can't be arsed. Take them out to get them out the way, then before more of them march onscreen, shoot Shotgun Man. After a few more hits, Shotgun Man will be down for the count.

And then he explodes. Why wouldn't he?

The rest of this section can be a little tough, as a lot of it involves enemies on higher platforms raining grenades on top of you. You can't shoot at them from the ground, but you can grenade them... The easier way is to grab the motorcycle that's on top of one of the platforms and carefully drive across the platforms. If you press Down at any point, you'll fall to the ground floor and won't be able to get back up, which is a problem as grenades take the cycle out in one hit. If you can stay up there, though, this section will fly by, and you'll also get some goodies on the way- there's a Bazooka in a crate which will help with the upcoming boss battle, and a hostage has some essential information for you, as you can see above. So that's where the President is? We'd better get a move on, then.

Head to the door on the top platform at the end to keep going.

This vertically-scrolling area has the first appearance of the yellow soldier- they flash (as in flash yellow, not that kind of flashing) and they explode when shot. Obviously, they make a beeline for your position the second they appear on-screen, so shoot from a safe distance- as a bonus, when they explode, they'll take out any enemies near them. Once he's dealt with, walk up to the back of the truck...

Ah, you can enter it! Remember this- it'll be useful. There's some Medicine here if you need it.

After that, climb up the wall just above the truck to face...

Oh, Shotgun Man was just the warm-up act. Here's the first real boss of the game!

The Mega Sub (for that is its name in the manual) has two attack phases, and only one of those gives you the opportunity to damage it. It starts by surfacing- sadly, every emulator I've tried the game in has issues with graphisc priority in certain places, so the sub appears incorrectly here- and then launches a scattershot pattern of bullets at you. Carefully manoeuvre through the bullets and wail on it- if you picked up the Bazooka earlier, this won't take long. After you take out two of its health blocks, it'll submerge, try to line itself up with you, and fire a missile. It moves pretty slow so it's easy to get out of the way, but the missiles will destroy the part of the platform it hits, reducing it to water- touch it, and it's instant death. After three missiles, it resurfaces and repeats the pattern.

Fortunately, the bit where the submarine explodes is properly emulated.

OK, Stage 2- the jungle. Let's find the President properly this time!

Don't worry, he has got a parachute, honest.


New enemy type, comin' up! It's a... Robot donut, I guess? It's the one in the left screenshot here- this one's called a Buoy in the manual, which seems like an odd name, but despite that, these are deadly. The stationary one we meet here just sits still and fires a circular spreadshot every now and then. You might think about ignoring it, but don't- if you try to walk past it, it shoots out vertical lines of electricity that really hurt! If you stepped inside the first cabin, though, you'll get some Powerful Grenades to take it out. Youll be using those grenades for some of the blue machine gun soldiers too- they hide behind sandbags, which your shots can't penetrate. There's a few groups of soldiers in this area too, but one grenade's enough to wipe 'em out in one go. In particular, be sure to save the hostage tied to a tree- he's got the fins for you, and they're very handy.

You'll eventually come across a shack before the screen starts to scroll upwards- go in for some critical intel!

Seems like the enemy's playing Musical Chairs with the President. Also, the crate's got some Medicine for you.

Back to it, then- when outside, march upwards, and...

Mini-Boss Time! This delightful chap is just called Flamethrower. Look how happy he is to see you!

Flamethrower is a dangerous opponent, as his primary weapon has lethal range. He moves from side to side, using his flamethrower when you're directly in front of him- the only real way to avoid it is to bait him into using it, then moving out the way before he fires it again. When he's not doing that, he's spewing out smaller fire bullets that can be tough to dodge, and you'll definitely run into one if you try jumping. You need to stay to the left or right of him and either shoot him or chuck grenades- if you've still got some Powerful Grenades left, even better. After losing three health blocks, he'll dive into the water, then re-emerge, laugh, and immediately use his flamethrower if you're in his line of fire. Avoid it, then finish him off, and...

Well, the game's called Bloody Wolf. Wouldn't be right without some of the red stuff.

Anyway, the next section's your first taste of moving in water. It's much the same as walking on terra firma, but you're a lot slower, and you can dive underwater for a brief moment to avoid bullets and explosions by pressing Jump- just don't walk into enemies when submerged, as it'll still hurt, . If you forgot to grab the fins earlier, your underwater speed's the same as above the water, so it's not very useful. With the fins, underwater movement is a lot faster, so I hope you didn't forget to pick them up. The enemy appears in sizeable numbers here, including machine gun guys, so be careful, especially at the end of the horizontal section- if you're close to the top of the screen when it ends, the screen will snap upwards for the next vertical section, bringing a load of enemies on-screen! You don't want that to happen, especially since there's machine gun guys amongst them, so watch out for that.

Once you start moving vertically again, the river gives way to a small grassy area- you'll still move slower in the grass, but you can jump freely now. This would be a fairly tough area, seeing as it's got a few more machine gun soldiers... But just before you enter it, there's a crate with a Shotgun in it, which makes short work of anything the enemy throws at you. Once you reach the end...

... I know what you're thinking. But to stop you in your tracks, the one in MERCS was a Harrier jet. It's different.

(And hey, Bloody Wolf did it before MERCS!)

Anyway, it's the now-obligatory clifftop showdown with an enemy flying vehicle- in this case, a helicopter- and this one doesn't play around. It moves fairly slowly (although it'll zoom off screen at some points, so you have to wait for it to reappear) but has two attacks, both of which are pretty deadly, and it often uses both at once. The first is a barrage of four missiles that don't have great attack range- all four missiles hit almost the same spot- but they'll do two blocks of damage if you're caught in the explosion. The second is a slow spread of bullets, as shown above. Much like Flamethrower, you basically don't want to be directly in the chopper's lien of fire, 'cause that's where the missiles usually hit, and they hit hard, but staying to its sides also makes it easier to dodge the spread fire. Attack it when you can, but don't stand right in front of it otherwise it'll catch you with its missiles. On the plus side, when it's close enough, you can nail it with grenades, so do that when possible.

Keep it up, and the chopper goes down. At least it's less annoying than the one in Revolution-X.

What's the matter, SNAKE? They got you pushing too many pencils to go to the next page?