Oh man, this was so easy. I just copied the code from the Fighting Vipers gallery page, saving me a lot of hassle. Best you view this full-screen, though.

Just as Fighting Vipers had a Portrait Gallery, so too does Fighters Megamix, but it's a little different. Beat any course to unlock the Extra Options, and with it, the Portrait Gallery, with 3 images from the course you beat. Every course has 3 images, but for the American release, some of the pictures were considered a bit too racy (most infamously the 'Taste of Honey' art, but also Tokio without his shirt and Dural showing a bit of nipple) and so they were replaced, as well as the song credits being taken off the Rent-a-Hero image. Since I'm thorough, I've included these as well- they're the last image in their respective courses. There's also two additional pictures of Janet which can't be viewed from the Portrait Gallery- you have to play the Match Game to see them at all, which is explained on this page. Finally, the Japanese version has an 'omake' (bonus) folder hidden on the disk, with 13 wallpapers for you to use (including 'Taste of Honey' if you've got the balls) and they've been included here too. So, once again, here's another taste of the horrors of late 90s CG art; the entire Portrait Gallery of Fighters Megamix. Click the little pictures to embiggen, and enjoy, I guess.

I think, by simply putting the TASTE OF HONEY picture on my site, I'm doomed to celibacy. Ho hum. Back to the guide.