Good God, putting this page together was such a pain in the ass. I'm paid to be an editor, not a bloody HTML monkey. Oh, wait, I'm not paid to be an editor either. Gah. Anyway, the preview images aren't all the same size, because the CG pictures in Fighting Vipers are all different shapes and sizes which is the game's special way of being awkward for me. I could've made each preview the same size, but that only made things worse. Suck it up, I'm never touching this page again.

So, welcome to the Portrait Gallery for Fighting Vipers. The first time you beat Arcade Mode on any difficulty setting, you'll unlock Options Plus, and with it, the Portrait Gallery... That is, if you're playing the Japanese or European version- the American version only shows the pictures during the credits, and some of them were removed (which you can find out more about on this page). Anyway, if you're able to view the gallery, you'll start off with twenty-two stills from the intro and four CG pictures of whatever character you beat the game with- each time you beat Arcade Mode with a different character, you'll get another four CG pictures to add to your collection. Tokio and Kumachan also have a hidden picture, but go to the Game Secrets page for more on those (or less, as you will see.

Without further ado, here's the full set of CG pictures from Fighting Vipers, in all their late-90s-uncanny-valley glory!

Click 'em to embiggen, and, er, enjoy, I guess?

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