Gaming Things We Think Are Cool!! - Games that have 'special appearances' from other game characters.

That's what this page is about.

Rules for inclusion on this page:
#1 - Only cases where the guest character is either a playable character, or an enemy, boss or interactable opponent, count. No straight-up cameos!
#2 - They must be from separate series- Ryo Sakazaki in Fatal Fury Special counts, for instance, but Hibachi in DoDonPachi Resurrection doesn't.
However, it's OK if they're in the same story continuity but originate from different series (like Street Fighter and Final Fight).
#3 - Games that are crossover games to begin with (Fighters Megamix, Super Smash Bros, etc.) don't count.
However, certain exceptional circumstances (such as Cole in Street Fighter x Tekken) will be considered.

Rules for page presentation:
#1 - English titles first, Japanese titles second.
#2 - Presented in chronological order, except when dealing with a series (i.e. Oneechabara/Aero Fighters)
We'll run through all remaining titles in that series, then go back to year order.
#3 - We'll only be listing initial/relevant release platforms and years, for space concerns.
#4 - We've divided things into 1980-1994, 1995-1996, 1997-1999, (this page) 2000-2009 and 2010-Present.
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Diddy Kong Racing
(Nintendo 64, 1997, Rareware)

Banjo & Conker
from Banjo-Kazooie (Banjo) - Nintendo 64, 1998, Rare
& Twelve Tales: Conker 64 (Conker) - Announced at E3 1997, altered to become Conker's Bad Fur Day - Nintendo 64, 2001, Rare

How to Unlock/Notes:
Banjo and Conker are available from the start.
Both these characters appeared in this game before their own games were released!
Both of them were removed from the Nintendo DS port of the game, replaced by Tiny Kong and Dixie Kong.

NFL Blitz
(Arcade, 1997, Midway)

from Mortal Kombat - Arcade, 1992, Midway

How to Unlock/Notes:
Enter RAIDEN as your player name and enter the PIN 3691. [Source]
(There is also a cheat for Shinnok from Mortal Kombat 4 listed there, but the head just looks like a generic demon and we can't find what this specifically references from ML4. Anyone want to help?)

Flying Dragon
Hiryu no Ken Twin

(Nintendo 64, 1997 / 1998 / 1999, Culture Brain)

Robo no Hana & Bokuchin
from Super Chinese Fighter (Robo no Hana) - NES, 1995, Culture Brain
& Super Chinese 3 (Bokuchin) - NES, 1991, Culture Brain

How to Unlock/Notes:
Robo no Hana is available from the start in SD Mode only.
Either beat him in any game mode, or enter the password VITUKOB from the Treasure List Status screen to unlock Bokuchin in SD Mode only.
Both would appear in the update/sequel S.D. Hiryu no Ken Densetsu.

S.D. Hiryu no Ken Densetsu
(Nintendo 64, 1999, Culture Brain)

Jack, Ryu and Golfire
from Little Ninja Bros. / Super Chinese 2 (Jack & Ryu) - NES, 1989 / 1990 / 1991, Culture Brain
& Super Chinese Fighter (Gofire) - NES, 1995, Culture Brain

How to Unlock/Notes:
Jack, Ryu and Gofire are available from the start.

Puchi Carat
(Arcade / Playstation / Game Boy Color, 1997, Taito)

Patoraco / Patrako
from Cleopatra Fortune - Arcade, 1996, Natsume/Taito

How to Unlock/Notes:
In the arcade version, when you insert a coin, press the action button 3 times then press Start on the How to Play tutorial. Patoraco will be at the top of the character select screen. [Source] In this version, she;s called Patoraco.
In the Playstation port, either beat Story Mode in Arcade Mode in under 7 minutes using less than 5 continues with Game Level and Ball Speed set to Arcade, or enter the Options menu then exit it, and repeat 13 times (this method won't save to a Memory Card). [Source] In this version, she;s called Patrako... Most of the time.
In the Game Boy Color port, beat Story Mode with all twelve characters to unlock Patoraco.
Unlike the other characters, her paddle is carried by two mummy servants.

Heaven's Gate
(Playstation, 1997, Racdym)

Kurara Hananokoji
from Power Instinct 2 / Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2 - Arcade, 1994, Atlus

How to Unlock/Notes:
Kurara does not appear in the arcade version of the game.
In the PS1 port's Arcade Mode, highlight Nanase and press Select, Up, Down, Down, L1 + L2, Start to select Kurara. [Source]

Tobal 2
(Playstation, 1997, DreamFactory / Squaresoft)

from Final Fantasy II - NES, 1988, Squaresoft

How to Unlock/Notes:
Beat the Practice Dungeon. Chocobo can be selected by going through the red 'enemy' icon on the Character Select screen. [Source]

All Japan Pro Wrestling featuring Virtua
(Arcade / Saturn, 1997, Scarab / Sega)

Wolf Haekfield & Jeffry McWild
from Virtua Fighter - Arcade, 1993, Sega AM2

How to Unlock/Notes:
Wolf and Jeffrey are available from the start.
Wolf and Jeffrey also appear in the follow-up, Giant Gram: All Japan Pro Wrestling 2.

Giant Gram: All Japan Pro Wrestling 2
(Dreamcast, 1999, Scarab / Sega)

from Virtua Fighter - Arcade, 1993, Sega AM2

How to Unlock/Notes:
Alongside Wolf and Jeffrey from the previous game, Kage-Maru is available from the start.

Street Fighter III: Second Impact
(Arcade, 1997, Capcom)

from Final Fight - Arcade, 1989, Capcom

How to Unlock/Notes:
Hugo is available from the start.
Although renamed, Hugo is supposed to be the same Andore from Final Fight. Poison appears in his pre-match intros.
Hugo also appears in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Ultra Street Fighter IV
(Arcade / Xbox 360 / Playstation 3, 2014, Capcom / Dimps)

from Final Fight - Arcade, 1989, Capcom

How to Unlock/Notes:
Poison is available from the start.
(Screenshots provided by @Scrollboss- thanks!)

Street Fighter V
(Arcade / Playstation 4 / Windows, 2016, Capcom / Dimps)

from Final Fight - Arcade, 1989, Capcom

How to Unlock/Notes:
Abigail was added to the game as paid DLC in Season 2.
His character theme is a vocal remix of Burning Cycle from Final Fight, and his home stage is the Metro City Bay Area, with a remix of Something Putrid by the Bay from Final Fight as background music.
Axl, Roxy and J, also from Final Fight, also make cameo appearances in his Prologue Story mode.

from Final Fight - Arcade, 1989, Capcom

How to Unlock/Notes:
Two-P is an unplayable rival who appears during the barrel bonus game in Arcade Mode's Street Fighter II route, added in the free Arcade Edition update.

Le Mans 24
(Arcade, 1997, Sega)

Sonic the Hedgehog
from Sonic the Hedgehog - Mega Drive, 1991, Sonic Team

How to Unlock/Notes:
The code is different depending on the ID of the cab, found in the Test Mnu.
For an game ID of TWIN LEMANS CAB, highlight the Nismo R33, turn Left, hold the Start, Brake and VR Buttons 1 and 3, then press the Accelerate pedal.
For an game ID of TWIN NORMAL CAB, highlight the Nismo R33, turn Left, hold the Start and Zoom In buttons, then press the Accelerate pedal. [Source]
When you take the car to the Pit Lane, Sonic will be swapped out with a strange dog/rabbit creature- can you identify them?
(Screenshots and information provided by Liam Ashcroft- thanks!)

Armed Police BatRider
(Arcade, 1997, Raizing / Eighting)

Gain, Chitta, Miyamoto, Bornnam, B. Wayne and J. Wayne
from Sorcer Striker/Mahou Daisakusen (Gain, Chitta, Miyamoto and Bornnam) - Arcade, 1993, Raizing
& Battle Garegga (B. Wayne and J. Wanye) - Arcade, 1996, Raizing/Eighting
How to Unlock/Notes:
Insert a coin, then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Shoot, Bomb, Start- hey, it's the Konami Code again! This will unlock all the guest characters plus Car-Pet (who doesn't seem to be from any other game) for use in Team Edit/Select Player modes. [Source]
Alternatively, you can enable these secret characters with the game's dip-switches.
B. Wayne and J. Wayne are actually on the character select screen twice- they have two planes to choose from.

Clayfighter 63 1/3 & Clayfighter: The Sculptor's Cut
(Nintendo 64, 1997 / 1998, Interplay)

Earthworm Jim & Boogerman
from Earthworm Jim (Earthworm Jim) - Mega Drive, 1994, Shiny Entertainment
& Boogerman - A Pick & Flick Adventure (Boogerman) - Mega Drive, 1994, Interplay

How to Unlock/Notes:
Clayfighter 63 1/3:
Earthworm Jim is available from the start.
To unlock Boogerman, on the Character Select screen hold L and press Up, Right, Down, Left, Right, Left. [Source]
Clayfighter: The Sculptor's Cut:
To unlock Earthworm Jim, highlight the ? on the Character Select screen, hold L and press C-Left, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, B, A, then let go of L and press R.
To unlock Boogerman, highlight the ? on the Character Select screen, hold L and press B, B, C-Right, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, then let go of L and press R. [Source]

(Screenshots here come from Clayfighter 63 1/3 because the Character Select screen shows them off better.)

Fighting Layer
(Arcade, 1998, Arika)

Allen Snider & Blair Dame
from Street Fighter EX - Arcade, 1996, Arika

How to Unlock/Notes:
Allen and Blair are available from the start.

Nettou Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special
(Game Boy, 1998, Galbrain / Takara / SNK)

Iori Yagami
from The King of Fighters '95 - Neo-Geo, 1993, SNK

How to Unlock/Notes:
Beat the game on Normal/Hard Mode to fight Iori after the credits (after fighting Geese). Afterwards, you can select Iori by pressing Start of Billy Kane's icon on the Character Select screen (and Geese by doing the same on Krauser's icon). [Source]
Alternatively, use the Soft Dip cheat- press Left and A while on the Sound Test option in the Options Menu- and change the first 0 to a 1 to unlock both Iori and Geese automatically. [Source]

(Playstation, 1998, The Neverhood, Inc.)

from The Neverhood/Klaymen Klaymen - Windows, 1996, The Neverhood, Inc.

How to Unlock/Notes:
On the Character Select screen, press Square, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Square, Select, Select and Select. [Source]
This will also unlock the Neverhood stage, based on Klaymen's game.

Blazing Star
(Neo-Geo, 1998, Yumekobo)

Kaoru Yamazaki & Dino 246
from Pulstar - Neo-Geo, 1995, Aicom

How to Unlock/Notes:
Kaoru Yamazaki is available from the start.
She pilots the Dino 246, the same ship from Pulstar.
While Blazing Star is technically a sequel to Pulstar anyway, it's easy to miss she's supposed to be from that game, and the game was developed by Yumekobo instead of Aicom, so... We're counting it?

(Playstation, 1998, DreamFactory / Squaresoft)

Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, Yuffie Kisaragi, Vincent Valentine, Sephiroth & Zack Fair
from Final Fantasy VII - Playstation, 1997, Squaresoft

How to Unlock/Notes:
In the arcade version, only Cloud and Tifa are available.
To fight Cloud & Tifa, defeat 8 CPU characters within 8 minutes 40 seconds.
They are unlocked to play as after the machine has been on for 30 days (Cloud) and 50 days (Tifa) [Source]
In the Playstation port, Cloud, Tifa and Sephiroth are unlocked from the start.
To unlock Yuffie Kisaragi, beat the game with Cloud.
To unlock Vincent Valentine, beat the game with Tifa.
To unlock Zack, beat the game with all the other Final Fantasy VII characters. [Source]

Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis
Smash Court 2

(Playstation, 1998, NowProduction / Namco)

Richard Miller, Sherudo Garo, Heihachi Mishima, Yoshimitsu, Eddie Gordo, Reiko Nagase & Pac-Man
from Time Crisis (Richard & Sherudo) - Arcade, 1995, Namco
Tekken (Heihachi & Yoshimitsu) - Arcade, 1994, Namco
Tekken 3 (Eddy) - Arcade, 1996, Namco
Ridge Racer Type 4 (Reiko) - Playstation, 1998 / 1999, Namco
& Pac-Man (Pac-Man) - Arcade, 1980, Namco

How to Unlock/Notes:
These characters are unlocked by beating specific Street Tournaments in Tournamen Mode several times:
Asaksa Temple: 6 Times (Heihachi)
Time Square: 4 Times (Eddy), 5 Times (Reiko), 6 Times (Pac-Man)
Osaka Bridge: 5 Times (Richard)
Theme Park: 5 Times (Yoshimitsu), 6 Times (Sherudo) [Source]
Heihachi and Yoshimitsu are based on their Tekken 3 appearances.

Hot Shots Golf 2
Everybody's Golf 2

(Playstation, 1998, Clap Hanz)

Gex, Sweet Tooth & Sir Daniel Fortesque
from Gex (Gex) - 3D0 / Playstation / Saturn / PC, 1994, Crystal Dynamics
Twisted Metal (Sweet Tooth) - Playstation, 1995, SingleTrac
& Medevil (Sir Daniel Fortesque) - Playstation, 1998, SCE Studio Cambridge

How to Unlock/Notes:
American / European versions only!
Play through the Vs. Mode to unlock more characters- these three are the last ones you will fight and unlock. [Source]
Alternatively, start a new game and enter the name 2gsh to unlock everything from the start.[Source]

Hot Shots Golf Fore!
Everybody's Golf

(Playstation 2, 2004, Clap Hanz)

Jak & Daxter and Rachet & Clank
from Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (Jak & Daxter) - Playstation 2, 2001, Naughty Dog
& Ratchet & Clank (Ratchet & Clank) - Playstation 2, 2002, Insomniac

How to Unlock/Notes:
American / European versions only!
Play through the Vs. Mode and defeat these characters to unlock them.
Alternatively, use these passwords:
XCQGWJ - Unlock Clank
WSIKIN - Unlock Daxter
REZTWS - Unlock all golfers [Source]
(Screenshots and information provided by LanceBoyle94- thanks!)

Fighter Maker
3D Kakutou Tsukuru

(Playstation, 1998 / 1999, ASCII Soft)

from Street Fighter EX - Arcade, 1996, Arika

How to Unlock/Notes:
Japanese version only!
Skullomania is included as a default fighter to create your fighting game with.

Battle Tryst
(Arcade, 1999, Konami)

Pastel & Elaine
from Detana!! TwinBee (Pastel) - Arcade, 1991, Konami
& Gaiapolis (Elaine) - Arcade, 1993, Konami

How to Unlock/Notes:
Pastel and Elaine are unlocked through the game's time-release system. [Source]
(Screenshots scanned from Gamest #221, provided by Ragey- thanks!)

Jet Force Gemini
(Nintendo 64, 1999, Rareware)

Mr. Pants
from Rareware's old website as Mr. Pants the Survey Man

How to Encounter/Notes:
Decapitate and claim 300 Ant Heads to unlock the 'Ants as Pants' cheat mode, accessible from the pause menu. All standard blue ant enemies will be replaced with Mr. Pants. [Source]

Rakugaki Showtime
(Playstation, 1999, Treasure)

Marina Liteyears / Marina=Nugget
from Mischief Makers / Yuke Yuke!! Trouble Makers - Nitnendo 64, 1997 / 1998, Treasure

How to Unlock/Notes:
5 characters can be unlocked by beating Easy, 6 can be unlocked by beating Normal, and 2 moer are unlocked by beating Hard (the difficulty is assigned based on your performance in the first 5 stages). Marina is one of those characters.
She can also be an opponent on Stage 7 of the Normal Mode. [Source]
Alternatively, hold Left, Triangle, X, L1, R2 and Select on the title screen until you hear an explosion, then hold L2 and Select until you hear a throwing sound- this unlocks every character, including Marina. [Code Source]
Yes, she can Shake Shake in this game too.

Chocobo Racing
(Playstation, 1999, Squaresoft)

from The 3-D Battles of WorldRunner / Tobidase Daisakusen - NES / Famicom Disk System, 1987, Squaresoft

How to Unlock/Notes:
Beat the Story Mode 10 times, then hold the L2 and R2 buttons while the cursor is on Squall on the Character Select screen to select Jack. [Source]

The Grid
(Arcade, 1999, Midway)

Scorpion, Sub-Zero & Noob Saibot
from Mortal Kombat (Scorpion & Sub-Zero) - Arcade, 1992, Midway
& Mortal Kombat II (Noob Saibot) - Arcade, 1993, Midway

How to Unlock/Notes:
To play as Scorpion, reach a total of 1,000 (v1.0) or 2,400 Points (v1.2), then enter the code SCO# (726#) on the character select screen.
To play as Sub-Zero, reach a total of 3,000 (v1.0) or 4,500 Points (v1.2), then enter the code SUB# (782#) on the character select screen.
To play as Noob Saibot, beat Single Player mode once (v1.2 only), then enter the code PNS# (767#) on the character select screen. [Source]

Planet Harriers
(Arcade, 1999, Sega / Amusement Vision)

from Fantasy Zone - Arcade, 1986, Sega

How to Unlock/Notes:
On the Character Select screen, press Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up, Right, Left, Up. [Source]
Selecting Opa-Opa will also change the Star Shop's music to Shop-A from Fantasy Zone

(Arcade, 1999, Kaneko)

Edward Randy
from Edward Randy: The Cliffhanger - Arcade, 1990, Data East

How to Encounter/Notes:
Select the green fellow above in Vs. Character's mode. His first opponent will be Edward Randy, who isn't normally selectable/playable. [Source]

Last Legion UX
(Nintendo 64, 1999, Yuke's / Hudson Soft)

Bomberon piloted by Black Bomberman / Kuro Bom
from Bomberman II - NES, 1991, Hudson Soft

How to Encounter/Notes:
Beat Story Mode with 6 different characters.
Alternatively, unlock everything in the game by holding the L+R buttons and rotating the control stick clockwise on the main nenu until you hear a noise. This can't be undone!
Although Bomberon itself is not from the Bomberman series, it's clearly being piloted by Black Bomberman.
(Information provided by Jake, extra info and screenshot provided by mi-com- thanks!)

International Track & Field 2000
(Konami/KCE Tokyo) (PS1, 1999)

Konami Man
from Road Fighter - Arcade, 1984, Konami

How to Encounter/Notes:
On the Event Selection screen, input the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, Circle, X) Your athlete will be replaced with Konami Man (but not in women's events)
(Screenshots and information provided by LanceBoyle94- thanks!)

Trick'N Snowboarder
Tricky Sliders

(Playstation, 1999, CAVE)

Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield & Zombie Cop
from Resident Evil 2 - Playstation, 1998, Capcom

How to Unlock/Notes:
On the title screen, press Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Square, Circle, Square, Circle. On the Character Select screen, press L2 or R2 to select these three characters. [Source]

Gunbird 2
(Arcade / Dreamcast, 1999, Psikyo / Capcom)

from Tengai / Sengoku Blade: Sengoku Ace Episode II - Arcade, 1996, Psikyo

How to Unlock/Notes:
In the arcade version, enter Test Mode, go to the Maintenance Code entry screen and enter 5-1-0-2-4. 'AINE OK' will appear. From now on, highlight the ? on the Character Select screen and press Down to select Aine.
Alternatively, entering 5-3-7-6-5 will not unlock Aine, but add him to the roulette for the ? icon on the Character Select screen. [Source]
In the Dreamcast version, Aine is selected in the same way but without any code entry required.

from Darkstalkers / Vampire: The Night Warriors - Arcade, 1994, Capcom

How to Unlock/Notes:
Dreamcast version only!
Morrigan appears in the Dreamcast port as it was published by Capcom in Japan and the US (Virgin Interactive in Europe).
Highlight the ? on the Character Select screen and press Up to select Morrigan. [Source]

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Idolmeister: Shikigami no Shiro III
davZZGndm: Rondo of Swords / Rondo of Deception
HokutoNoShock: Puzzle Bobble 3, Elevator Action Deluxe
inobscurity: Windy x Windam, Gunbird 2
Motherplayer: Boombots
Scrollboss: Ultra Street Fighter IV
Kimimi: Lost Planet 2
Liam Ashcroft: Virtua Striker 2003, Sonic Riders, Le Mans 24
Kroogah: Super Meat Boy, Spelunky
Jake: Fighter Maker, Monster Maulers, Battle Garegga, Giant Gram: All Japan Pro Wrestling 2, Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium, Last Legion UX
Ragey: Battle Tryst
LanceBoyle94: Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, SKATE 3, Fight Night Round 2, International Track & Field 2000, Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2, MotoGP, MotoGP 3, Urban Reign, Evolution Skateboarding, MLB Slugfest 20-04, NBA Street V3, SSX On Tour, Arkanoid DS, Renegade Ops
Matt: Motor Mayhem, Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict
mi-com: Last Legion UX

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