Section 2A: Railway Fight
Password: 7614057

As you head up this path, more planes will appear to bomb you. Again, they're easy enough to avoid.

Once you reach the train tracks, more mission orders are on their way. Incoming transmission!

Actually, Tommy J won't be giving you any info of the sort, but it's a nice thought anyway.

This is the railway area, and straight away you'll see a B icon to pick up. Grab it, switch it on, then start heading upwards via the middle track. You'll start encountering the fast-moving bullet trains called J-Types in the manual. They zoom down the screen at a frightening pace and launch cannon fire to to the side. If you're firing B-cannons at them, though, they'll go down in one hit, so what you need to do is fire a cannon the second the appear on-screen. Don't let them crash into you, otherwise you'll take a tonne of damage! You won't have much of a choice in where to go, because the path becomes a tight bridge quickly, so destroy them before they can derail your mission.

Your radio will go off while this is happening. Incoming transmission!

You might think this is useless info, but to be fair, they're talking about a different kind of bullet train.

Eventually the path will open up again, with three railway tracks. Pick one of the side tracks here, because the J-Types in the middle track fire straight ahead, meaning you'll take damage even if you pre-empt them with your cannon fire. The ones to the left and right will always fire to the side, so they're less of a hassle. Once you reach the end of this area, a small group of Louis tanks will show up to mildly annoy you- remember to switch your B shots off, because you're better off saving your ammo. Once you're past the bridge, this area's over, and, well, you're actually finished in this section, really! It's considerably shorter than the other route you could've taken. Sort-of.

After the bridge, we end up at the prison camp where Tommy J is.

Blow open the prison doors with cannon fire to rescue the P.O.W.s. Three of them are grateful:

The fourth is Mr. J who provides this stunning information:

Shoot it. OK, got it. Thanks. You might want to listen to him if you want to do your job, though...

There's a few soldiers and tanks in this area, but it's nothing you can't handle.

Your next path-split of the game is just ahead:
Head left (train tracks) for Section 3A: The Long Range Weapon, or right (forest path) for Section 3B: Canyon Battle.