Section 3C: The Long Range Weapon
Password: 5358672
(This will start you at the P.O.W. camp of Section 2B, follow the train tracks)

OK, Iron Tank, get ready to do your duty. Let's destroy the enemy's long-range weapon!

As we enter this area, we get a repeated radio message. Incoming transmission!

Yeah, we know, ta.

This section may be on train tracks, but it starts out more cramped than the last train section, and there's less J-Types to start. Instead, you'll be pestered by Louis and Becks Haus tanks, as well as a whole infantry unit who'll pepper you with gunfire. Flick the B switch on to deal with Becks Haus and any J-Types that happen to appear (you won't always encounter one in this short segment) and, when the path narrows to the point where only the train track can fit down the path, get ready for a violent train battle...

This is the enemy's secret weapon, its legendary long range firing turret...

Oh, and it's called Fritz, if you ask the manual.

It's an easy battle, as long as you know what you're doing, but I hope you've been keeping your energy bar full, because this one packs one hell of a wallop. In addition to infantry chipping away at you with gunfire and grenades, this weapon launches very powerful shells that veer to whichever side of the screen you're on. Shortly after it appears, it'll launch a shell, so avoid it, then get to the upper left or right corner, your choice. Once there, turn your turret around to aim at it and start pelting it with cannon fire- it can't fire behind itself, and once it launches its opening salvo, it'll lurch forward, so from our position we should be safe. Feel free to flick any other optional weapon switches to make this easier- I suggest a combo of V and B- and it'll explode rather dramatically soon. If it survives, it'll pull back and fire another shell, so keep hitting it and it'll blow up soon enough.

It'll drop some energy for you, and there's some infantry to run over for a health boost, so we should be looking at a nice, nearly-full energy meter, which is good because mini boss-fight, comin' up. After a short path, you'll find a closed area similar to where we fought the Fritz, but this time it's a gold version of the F-Type. It'll move down the track to where you are, fire some bullets aimed at you, then move back up, fire more bullets straight down, then it repeats, alternating between the two positions. This shouldn't be too hard- hit it with your B-cannon and four shells should be enough to take it down with another eye-destroying explosion. If you're fast enough, you can get behind it and, since the scrolling isn't locked like in most boss battles, just keep going and skip it... That's not recommended, the F-Type is faster than you, and if it reverses into you, it'll rip into your health meter viciously. Just gun it down instead.

Anyway, after another bunch of infantry to trample for extra health, there's this covered area to pass through. Your best bet here? Run. There's a fair number of tanks here, including more of those brutal Bekcs Haus units, but they're placed in such a way that you can evade most of them and avoid their bullets. If you want to be extra-sure, feel free to switch B shots on and take out any troublesome enemies, but really you're able to rush through here...

... Until you receive a call, that is. Incoming transmission!

Wait, didn't we just destroy it? About five minutes ago?

At this point, make sure your B weapon is switched on and get ready, because the J-Types are back! These ones shoot both sides, so approach them head-on and don't let them run you over. There's only a handful, as soon we enter a small paved area. Be sure to destroy the tanks in your way, as one will drop an R icon in case your Resrve fuel's been emptied recently. Also watch out for the mini-turrets that try to pump you full of lead- they can only be destroyed with F-powered cannon shots.

Oh. There's another one.

This one's actually easier, as it's possible to get next to it at the top of the screen, meaning it can't hit you with anything.

Same tactic as last time- stay behind it and pummel it with everything you've got!

You might not notice the radio message that appears a second or so after this boss appears... Incoming transmission!

Yeah, thanks for the heads-up, really useful

... But you're still not getting a break. There's one more boss to fight.

Just a little further down this path, we encounter a new type of fort. Similar to the first one, there's some cylinder turrets (only two this time) and they shoot plenty of bullets. Take them out, and the giant mega-cannon on top springs to life! It'll move erratically from side-to-side and shoot the same giant shells the Fritz did from one of its two cannons- it'll alternate between them, if it helps dodging it. Get as close as you can, switch on V (and if you've got some to spare, B too) and try to keep central to its movements. In case you can't tell, the weakspot is the giant red 'HIT ME HERE' light, so if you have V switched on, you'll be launching so many shots it'll probably move into them to take damage... But it's important to keep central so those massive shells don't get you. Keep up with it, and eventually it'll explode. That's two forts down, by my count.

Once you're through, you'll get a congratulatory radio message. Incoming transmission!

Well done, Iron Tank! We've completed the first half of the game.

Still, we're not finished yet. We now move on to Section 4A: The Ruined Highway.