Round 8: Menone
♫ BGM: Boss ♫
♫ FZ1 BGM: Boss ♫

Every game in the Fantasy Zone series ends with a good ol' fashioned Boss Rush, and Super Fantasy Zone is no exception. On Menone, you have to fight every boss again, in order, and yes, that includes the Prawn Multiplier you've just fought. If you die on this stage, you'll continue at the last boss you got to. I'm not going to repeat myself, so just look on the previous page to discover how to beat each boss. There isn't very much else to say, aside from what equipment to bring, but I'll share a secret with you:

Every boss in the game can be beaten with just the Big Wings, Bombs and nothing else.

I promise you, this can be done. It'll take longer to kill each boss, but it's perfectly possible.

How do you pull it off? You just have to be totally super awesome, that's all.

Recommended Equipment:
The Parts Shop will appear before you start this stage, and it'll also appear whenever you die. This may be your last opportunity to buy stuff, but don't use that as an excuse to go nuts- remember, dying takes everything away from you. During one run, I bought so many Extra Lives that I didn't have enough money to buy anything except the Big Wings, so be careful. Avoid the gun upgrades and the Barrier, though, because they're on a timer so they'll last one boss at best before they disappear. I'd recommend you take the Twin Bombs with you here, as they're the most useful for the majority of the bosses, and they'll be handy for the final boss. Finally, stock up on as many Heavy Bombs as you feel necessary, because they're the special weapon you'll need the most- they're especially useful on the Axe Head and Prawn Multiplier re-matches.

Round 9: Black Hole
♫ BGM: Ya-Da-Ne ♫
♫ FZ1 BGM: Ya-Da-Yo ♫

Opa-Opa's final battle is fought in this strange place... There's no level here, just two boss fights.

Recommended Equipment:
Unfortunately, the Parts Shop doesn't appear when you enter this stage, and it won't appear when you die either, so you must beat this stage either with whatever equipment you've got left over from Menone, or with the standard equipment. If you do die, don't fret- this battle can be won with the standard equipment.

Boss: Opa-Opa Nexus
It's not a Fantasy Zone game if Opa-Opa doesn't fight someone who looks like himself at the end of the game, and since O-Papa's finally kicked the bucket, we have to fight this giant clone instead. Opa-Opa Nexus only has 3 attacks- first, he'll swoop forward in an oval pattern to try and ram into you (hide in the corners to avoid being killed) then he'll fire a 7-shot spread twice (you can fit between the gaps) and end by dropping a 1 Mega-Ton weight on your head (as soon as you've dodged the second 7-shot spread, move! This weight is aimed directly at you, just like your own Heavy Bomb!) From there, he'll repeat the pattern, so it's not difficult. His weak-spot is his visor, so shoot it as much as you can, but try to avoid being too high up the screen when he's using his spread-shot, as the weight might hit you before you can react.

When you've taken care of Opa-Opa Nexus, we get to fight the final boss.

Boss: Dark Master
Yet another Fantasy Zone tradition- the true final boss is really easy to beat. The Dark Master, when he's ready, launches a purple blob at you that chases you constantly- it doesn't kill you, but slows you down. While this is happening, the Dark Master rolls into a ball and bounces around the screen, killing you if he touches you. However, he doesn't bounce around that erratically, so it's easy enough to dodge him, even if you're only got the Small Wings. When he's done, he'll revert to normal, float around for a second until the first purple blob disappears, then launch another one and repeat the pattern. His vulnerable spot is the purple ball on the front of the robot, so pound it as much as you can before he rolls into a ball. He takes quite a lot of punishment, and you're not given much time to hit his weak point, so strike hard and fast to save the day.

Congratulations, you beat the game! But where's the ending?

I decided to leave it out. If you're gonna use this guide, you'll see it for yourself. You've got to earn the cool pictures, but here's the text, verbatim.

The universe is made up of two different types of matter. The Dark Matter which is the main component of the "Shadow World" and the Bright Matter which is the main component of "Light World". Without one or the other the universe would not exist.

The Dark Master, the vicious leader of the Shadow World, no longer wanted to reign in the lifeless Shadow World.

His ambition and boredom gradually grew to the extent that the Dark Master decided to conquer the Light World. To achieve this goal, the Dark Master, developed his own army of cloned creatures from the "Bright Matter"

In the from of active clones, the Dark Master was aiming to dominate the Light World. The Dark Master's first target was the Fantasy Zone. But to conquer the Fantasy Zone the Dark Master needed to strengthen his army. He landed on the planet Menon and took the inhabitants of Menon and altered them into a powerful attack force, he named the Dark Menon Force. Now he was ready to attack and conquer the Fantasy Zone.

Despite the power and ambition of the Dark Master and his elite Dark Menon Force, Opa-Opa's determination and skill, defeated this evil force from invading his home, the Fantasy Zone.

The battle is now over, however Opa-Opa is haunted by the Dark Master's final words:
"What you can see, will not be all that prevails in the world."

Wait! The game isn't over yet!

Once you've beat the game once, you'll be given an utterly obscene points bonus, you'll have your cash taken off you, and you'll start the game again, with any equipment you had left over. I found this a bit strange, really- console games started to grow out of this 'Loop 2' nonsense around this time, so I thought that perhaps there was a better, slightly more upbeat ending if you beat the game again. There isn't, so don't bother, it'll just loop again.

That's the end of Super Fantasy Zone, then. See you next game.

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