Hello there, meaty human flesh-bags!

I am the great and mighty Tiny, the mascot of Tiny Cartridge, which is pretty much the best Nintendo DS site ever!

As the overlord of Tiny Cartridge, I make sure that it provides the world with entertainment in the form of posts, posts and more posts!

And I'm the mascot! So you have to listen to everything I say! Or I'll hunt you down! (Laughs).

Now, it was my site's birthday recently, so consider this a late birthday present from me to you- an awful text adventure!

It's very simple, very short, and mostly filled with dead ends that throw you back at the start... But if you're not entirely stupid, you might be able to find the ending!

You might say that by starting, you're halfway there!

But we won't say that, because you're not.

So, what do you want with me, oh dear viewer?

Let's load up the Tiny Cartridge page and see how things are going.
Let's play a videogame!
Let's ask a question.
Stick it in.