"It was... That guy! Over there! The man writing this thing!"


[That would be me. The Editor to you, pal. - Ed]

You don't have any jurisdiction over me! I'm a guest here! Diplomatic immunity!

[You're a no-good punk is what you are. Coming here and abusing the readership of this website... That's my job! - Ed]

What is this website, anyway? A miserable pile of articles!

[That may be, but it's my miserable pile of articles. Well, I didn't write them, but...

Point is, I know what your deal is. The truth is, you're an impo- - Ed]


This conversation is over! I could crush you with a thought! Don't tempt me!

[... This dude's insane. I'm out of here. - Ed]

Ignore what he said. Let's keep playing my game.

But you're at a dead end. Go back to the start!