Last Time, at Gaming Hell Headquarters...

1st December, 2018
Last update of the year! Time for a PS2 game, Haunting Ground. A game we bounced off so hard it took us four years to try again. It was worth the wait though! We also scrubbed through our Psycho Soldier article to make it less terrible and reflect the fact that Athena grew on us. We caught the idol sickness and learned how to stop worrying and love the Psycho Soldier theme. That's what this website has lead us to. 1st November, 2018
It's a simple one this month, the ol' hop and bop, the jump and bump, the mascot platformer. One from the golden era of the genre, Socket. Like Sonic if he was a duck and also electric. Only in the '90s!

1st October, 2018
Whoa, we're on-time again this month? Will wonders never cease? Anyway, this month it's all about an '80s Taito arcade obscurity- one of our favourite kinds of things- the Qix-alike Rumba Lumber. Please be advised, you will find yourself being chased by a dinosaur in this. And a mole. And a pterodactyl. Please, enjoy.

1st September, 2018
Our luggage has been unpacked, we've switched the heater back on (then switched it off again because England actually had a heatwave this year, somehow) and popped the kettle on- we're back! We hope you enjoyed our guest post while we were gone, but now it's back to business as usual, back to video games. This month, we take a look at Yomawari: Midnight Shadows, the sequel to a game that really impressed us last year. Can it live up to its predecessor? In a word, no. Read the article to find out how! We also whipped up a little bonus article on Famison 8BIT☆iDOLM@STER, in which we reveal we're both Love Live and iM@S fans. That's a plot twist, huh? In any case, we're back to regular monthly updates. Let's see how long we can keep this up before our editor stages a riot and demands a break!

One other big update this month:
* Time Gal - With help from Tikky and Misty, we updated our segment about the Mac port and documented the previously-unknown-to-us Windows version, released under the title Time Girl in Korea only. Whoa.

Also, we're planning on doing some big updates to the old Psycho Soldier and Momoko 120% articles over the next few months- in particular, an English version (possibly a prototype) of Momoko 120% was dumped recently and so we need to document it- so please look forward to them.

Oh, and we commissioned internet pal Pauli Kohberger to draw both our mascots this time. Non-MS Paint Sowertty and Sniper Honey!:

And also Liam Ashcroft drew Sarah S. Sowertty, with two different variants:

See you next month for our usual guff!

20th July, 2018
Now, we said we were on holiday for a little while... But a guest warrior has entered the ring! We are honoured to host Cass from Bad Game Hall of Fame, who put together a very thorough review of Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel for us! Bad Game Hall of Fame comes very highly recommended by us, and so we did an article trade- Cass let us on BGHOF to write about Dirty Pair: Project Eden for the Famicom Disk System. It's... It's a bad game. This was a lot of fun to organise, so we hope you enjoy both our writeups!

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