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10th March, 2017
Just a quick one here, we wrote about a not-very-great brawler by Tamsoft. That could be any of them, depending on who you ask, but specifically it's Ikkitousen: Eloquent Fist. Also, we updated out Guest Characters pages with some new faces and a few reader contributions. Not much to say this month! (This has nothing to do with NieR: Automata installing as we speak, nope, nooo). 18th February, 2017
A second update? We didn't want two months of rhythm games on the trot, so here's the best Project DIVA game of them all, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone. Short version, this is the besssssst. Enjoy!

11th February, 2017
Oh God, it's finally happened, we put this off for as long as possible, but not even we could have this on our Vocaloidin' page for this long without delivering (ignore the stuff on the bottom of the index, that, my friends, is a running joke), but here we go, Megpoid the Music♯. Not good, this one. Not good at all.

On the bright side, we commissioned sprite art wizard ScrollBoss to draw our mascot!

Shaded, too! Thank you, ScrollBoss!

14th January, 2017
Did you know Taito made a Rambo III game that may as well be an Operation Wolf spin-off? Well, they did, and here it is, Rambo III. Oh, and it's 2017 or something. This is an odd one, despite its license, so do give it a read, won't you?

Also, an apology: we updated our Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd and Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F pages, as we had links to the now-defunct NicoSound website, which now leads to malware. We're very sorry about this, and we'll do our best to ensure the only malware you can find on this site is The Tea Time of the Soul in the future.

... P-please follow our new official Twitter page for exciting gamesoft updates!!

3rd December, 2016
I think this is a record, this year we're two months late for Hallowe'en, with a game we had to break the ol' warning page out for. It's a surprise little gem, Mad Father. We quite liked this one, despite the technical problems we had with it at the beginning, so I hope you find this an enjoyable read..

Also, we updated our City Connection page- yes, we still have things we can update that page with- thanks to the assistance of Ultra Powerful Pal of Gaming Hell, @_sharc. He very kindly helped us obtain some rare City Connection-related materials, specifically the Windows PC port of the game, and a promotional flyer for the Famicom release. We thank you!

7th November, 2016
A little early for another update, perhaps, but we really wanted to get this one out because it is pure, unfiltered gaming love for something you wouldn't expect from us- sports games! Specifically, Numan Athletics and Mach Breakers. Oh, and we also updated the Miracle Girls Festival page with the ridiculous DLC for the game. We#d put this on the updates page, but seriously, it's just the one page updated in a tiny way. Eh.

26th October, 2016
OK, you got us. We, uh, skipped September. We know, we know, the Gaming Hell offices have been a little heated lately and we basically kept having problems with literally everything we tried to write about. That wasn't fun! However, we've cobbled something together that manages to continue our tradition of missing Hallowe'en by moments, by mere days. So let's head to the arcade- yes, the actual arcade, the one at our local amusement park- with Sega Golden Gun, a little oddity from Sega of China! I'm glad we managed to cover this one, as it's an interesting game, but as you'll find out, it's not exactly a hidden gem.

Additionall, we finally worked through a slew of contributions to our Guest Characters section- it even has its own logo now!- so big thanks to the helpful readers who provided stuff for Le Mans 24, Sonic Riders, Virtua Striker 3 (Liam Ashcroft), Super Meat Boy, Spelunky (Kroogah), Giant Gram 2 and Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium (Jake). There's a couple more new ones in there too, so please enjoy.

13th August, 2016
It's the day you've all been dreading. Especially my editor. Once again, we must battle against swirling rhythm icons in the dance of death we humans call Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X. This is a lengthy and beardy one, so apologies in advance. But you expected nothing less from us, right?

13th July, 2016
It's a double-bill! The main thing this month is Bubble Memories - The Story of Bubble Bobble III. This was a really tricky one, because it's very much in the shadow of its predecessor, Bubble Symphony. We did our best to be fair, though, so hopefully we succeeded. As a bonus, we found a half-completed Space Invaders Anniversary article lying around, but figured that 'reviewing' it wouldn't be very useful, so it's just a bit of Gaming Tat.

11th June, 2016
Here it is, our first Tip Jar Special! As we said, one of the areas we were hoping to expand with this tip jar money was the PSP, a system that I feel has a lotta great stuff you've probably never even heard of. To start, let's have a look at a puzzle game that's, gasp, portable! It's Koloomn, AKA Korokoro Kollon, AKA Ultimate Block Party (what?) which is actually a port of an arcade game you probably haven't heard of either. This was a fun one, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for those who donated to let us get this one! We hope to have more Tip Jar Specials in the future, so please look forward to them.

Also, a tiny change but long, long time readers might know that the Let's Gaming Love section of the website was hastily-named because we couldn't think of anything funny to call it. We finally have a better name for it now, and it will not surprise anyone to hear the name is Gamesoft Love. Even if we have negative reviews, they are meant with love. For Gamesoft. I think. Ed didn't hate this name, at any rate, so that's OK, right?

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