Last Time, at Gaming Hell Headquarters...

27th October, 2017
A little bonus for you this month, we managed to wrangle something together about a game that really impressed us- Yomawari: Night Alone. At last, Nippon Ichi redeem themselves after The Firefly Diary!

6th October, 2017
Why can't our first LaserDisc-based game be good? Can we get a do-over and look at some form of Galaxian3 instead? No? Alright. We're looking at another Data East game, and it's one of their worst, Bega's Battle. Harrumph.

5th September, 2017
Oh boy, a light gun game! It's been some time, hasn't it? This one we can get away with 'cause it's really a joystick hiding under that gun, as we vow to stop the "SKULL" in Operation Wolf 3. We're getting closer to Under Fire, eh? We also redid the various game listing pages to change some of the font colours to make them more readable. That's it.

20th August, 2017
It breaks my heart to take Kemono Friends off the front page, but we now have a new bit of tat Sonic on Sega's Mega Play system. It's a very quick article but it's a weird version of a classic. So learn something, will ya?

14th August, 2017
We all knew this was going to happen. We were going to excavate ourselves and become The Spelunker someday. And so we turn to Spelunker Collection, one of those M2 collections that sadly never left Japan. You, too, can become The Spelunker if you read this article.

Two older pages got updated too, which is always nice.
* Splatterhouse - With some help from a friend, we've added a little blurb on the rather good Switch port of Splatterhouse as part of Namco Museum Switch. Yes, this is real, it is absolutely not a drill.
* Guest Characters - New challengers have appeared, including Cotton & Silk in Trouble Witches Origin, Judge Spear (Viper Phase 1) in Raiden Fighters, and Skullomania in Fighter Maker. Fight on!!

18th July, 2017
Our first... Skateboarding game? OK, sure. We have a little look at AirBoarder 64 this month. Please wear your knee pads and helmets, everyone!

28th June, 2017
Oh! It's us again. Two updates this month, but it's only a little extra thing- The Xbox Live Indie Games Sunset Selection. 16 games from a service that's closing in a few months. May as well get this out the way before they disappear forever!

23rd June, 2017
Hey, you wanna hear us talk about a fighting game again? What do you mean, no? C'mon, watch us babble our way through an article about Red Earth. You might learn sometihng, I mean, probably.

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