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th January, 2016
Oh, it's the new year then, huh? I guess it is and there's nothing we can do about it. So we're looking at something terrible this month, with Space Invaders: Invasion Day.Our US and Japanese readers may know it as Space Raiders instead!

Just one update to an older page this time:
* Märchen Maze - A tiny update, we actually managed to find some bonafide Märchen Maze merchandise! Specifically, a gashapon figure of Alice and the White Rabbit, from Yujin's SR Namco Girls Part 1 series.

By the way, while dear, beloved Ed went on holiday to places unknown, I went to Japan instead. It was fun and we managed to acquire plenty of rare material as we went to Comiket! With a bit of luck, we might get to cover some of that stuff down the road, but for now here's three photos we took while we were there.

13th November, 2015
Oh, fantastic, we get to do a double with our 'we miss Halloween each year' gag, because now we have a game that would fit for Halloween! But hey, it's Friday the 13th, so close enough right? It's Corpse Party: Book of Shadows this time, alongside a new Groups page to go with it, Heavenly Host Archives. Not much else to say this time- although don't expect an update next month- my dear Ed is on holiday. He didn't say where he was going except for 'away from you'. What a meanie.

31st October, 2015
In the time-honoured Gaming Hell tradition of always getting Halloween wrong, here is one I've wanted to do for years- Undercover Cops. The Irem love is strong in this one. I hope you feel it too.

Also this month, a little correction for the Bubble Symphony page sent in by @Kak2X- Disco didn't develop the NES port of Bubble Bobble, that was Taito themselves. I got mixed up because Disco made the NES version of Rainbow Islands. Easily done, right? Right?!

16th September, 2015
Oh no. Oh, no. The idols are back! I thought we'd seen the last of them, but Love Live! School idol paradise Vol. 2: BiBi Unit is here. This one was interesting, let's put it like that.

29th August, 2015
Well, we made it, just about. This month we have a look at a charming little game, one that I have an undeniable soft-spot for, Balloon Kid. First proper Nintendo game on here, ya know! To make up for missing June, we also have a tiny bonus article in the form of the baffling Osaka Simulator FINAL which is... Probably not a game, actually. I don't know. Enjoy!

Also, quite a few old articles have been updated lately, so here we go:
* Love Live! School idol festival x Groove Coaster Zero - An extra section added to discuss some of the updates both games have seen- Love Live! had some of its text altered to put back in homosexual references that were originally edited out (and the fans noticed and were not happy, and too right) while Groove Coaster Zero transformed into Groove Coaster 2 with lots of significant updates.
* Nazca Staff - An absolutely massive update here thanks to Youloute who provided filled in a lot of gaps, and provided a translation of pertinent facts fromthe Retro Game Test videos, made by people who emailed Nazca staff- those videos are here (In the Hunt & Gunforce II) and here (Metal Slug). This page has a lot more Nazca trivia now!
* Air Rescue - The game finally has two-player support in MAME, which means the intro is now present. We updated the article to mention this.
* Momoko 120% - Added notes on the mobile game Momoko 1200%, which I finally got to play via Playstation Mobile and it's garbage. Sorry, just telling the truth here.

Oh, and Ultra Powerful Pal of Gaming Hell, HokutoNoShock returns to the updates page with a new Soul Calibur V character... Our secret mascot, Sniper Honey! In both normal and ninja versions. Here's the screenshots below, including two non-canon shots of... A powerful battle?!

... Oh, and there was also this bonus one of our dear Ed the Editor... Kinda.

Thanks again, HokutoNoShock!

17th July, 2015
I know, I know, we missed June. We're starting the eight year of Gaming Hell as we mean to go on, clearly. Anyway, it's our first playthrough in a long time, so let us, together, play theough the wacky world of Dynamite Düx! This was a hard one to write, as you will find out. Please enjoy.

... Oh, and if you bothered to check the update page, we have one page upadte for you- Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd now has a section on the Dreamy Theater 'port' for PS3. So that's something.

20th May, 2015
... Eh? We doing this one again? Ah, it's because late on the 20th, we got some fanart! Resident Sega and Vocaloid fan
Liam Ashcroft very kindly surprised us with this piece that contains both 'that one guy from Hard Head 2' and our lovely mascot, among other stars of this tiny website. Thanks so much!

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