Last Time, at Gaming Hell Headquarters...

1st November, 2018
It's a simple one this month, the ol' hop and bop, the jump and bump, the mascot platformer. One from the golden era of the genre, Socket. Like Sonic if he was a duck and also electric. Only in the '90s!

1st October, 2018
Whoa, we're on-time again this month? Will wonders never cease? Anyway, this month it's all about an '80s Taito arcade obscurity- one of our favourite kinds of things- the Qix-alike Rumba Lumber. Please be advised, you will find yourself being chased by a dinosaur in this. And a mole. And a pterodactyl. Please, enjoy.

1st September, 2018
Our luggage has been unpacked, we've switched the heater back on (then switched it off again because England actually had a heatwave this year, somehow) and popped the kettle on- we're back! We hope you enjoyed our guest post while we were gone, but now it's back to business as usual, back to video games. This month, we take a look at Yomawari: Midnight Shadows, the sequel to a game that really impressed us last year. Can it live up to its predecessor? In a word, no. Read the article to find out how! We also whipped up a little bonus article on Famison 8BIT☆iDOLM@STER, in which we reveal we're both Love Live and iM@S fans. That's a plot twist, huh? In any case, we're back to regular monthly updates. Let's see how long we can keep this up before our editor stages a riot and demands a break!

One other big update this month:
* Time Gal - With help from Tikky and Misty, we updated our segment about the Mac port and documented the previously-unknown-to-us Windows version, released under the title Time Girl in Korea only. Whoa.

Also, we're planning on doing some big updates to the old Psycho Soldier and Momoko 120% articles over the next few months- in particular, an English version (possibly a prototype) of Momoko 120% was dumped recently and so we need to document it- so please look forward to them.

Oh, and we commissioned internet pal Pauli Kohberger to draw both our mascots this time. Non-MS Paint Sowertty and Sniper Honey!:

And also Liam Ashcroft drew Sarah S. Sowertty, with two different variants:

See you next month for our usual guff!

20th July, 2018
Now, we said we were on holiday for a little while... But a guest warrior has entered the ring! We are honoured to host Cass from Bad Game Hall of Fame, who put together a very thorough review of Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel for us! Bad Game Hall of Fame comes very highly recommended by us, and so we did an article trade- Cass let us on BGHOF to write about Dirty Pair: Project Eden for the Famicom Disk System. It's... It's a bad game. This was a lot of fun to organise, so we hope you enjoy both our writeups!

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