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20th May, 2017

Oh, blimey. Normally we'd do our year in summary, but... How did we make it to ten years? Why didn't anyone stop us? Was our listing on that ENEMY OF THE STATE blacklist just a running joke on this updates page? (Yes, it was). We're not sure, are we supposed to say something? [NO SPEECHES, I'm too busy looking for my cigars and powerful liquor, why has it been ten years, oh God why has it been ten years - Ed] If we are to impart only one message to you, it's this. To anyone who's read this site, anyone who's found it helpful or useful or entertaining, anyone who's contributed or added to the tip jar or helped us out in any way... Thank you. We hope to continue doing this sort of thing for as long as possible, and knowing there are people out there who enjoy it means a lot to us. Here's to at least one more year of winding my editor up, playing things that insist on calling themselves 'video games' and being the strongest website in the history of time and space!!

This month's update will be a surprise to no-one, it's our favourite Taito arcade game, The NewZealand Story. Yes, that game we'll never shut up about, ever. We'll mostly let it speak for itself.

And with that, we're taking a little break for about three months. Not that we don't enjoy making this site, but we need a little time to recuperate, do a little research into what to cover next, that kind of thing. We may do little updates on older pages, a bit of cleaning up, that sort of thing, and who knows, maybe there'll be a surprise or two, but for the most part, see you in September!

1st April, 2018
... This is Ed the Editor, and third year in a row with this nonsense. Time for the third and final pointless Micro Visual Novel with Ed and the Gamesoft Gals in 'Late Night Pizza'. I said I'd resign if we did a third one of these but, well, I'm still here, ain't I? Can't get rid of me that easy. Wish it wasn't so, but this is the lot we're dealt in life.

14th March, 2018
Two months in a row! It's almost like we have a proper update schedule. This month it's a game you might be familiar with, but a version you need to see- Time Gal on the iPhone. It's a very good port, as it happens! Now, there won't be a 'proper' pdate next month beyond our April Fools' Day update, so please look forward to that. In May though, we'll make our counterattack for our 10th anniversary! Oh God, why is this site 10 years old?!

21st February, 2018
Oh, hello again! We're back now. Ed has finally left his wheelie bin [It's not a wheelie bin, it's my Stasis Pod! - Ed] so we're back to normal business. For now, anyway. This month, we've got another fighting game! It's Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors, a game we have a bit of a soft spot for... But we can't be soft! We must criticalise it properly! So that's what we did. We hope you find our thoughts on it interesting, and look forward to Waku Waku 7 some time in the next decade. Maybe.

Couple of other important updates this month:
* Guest Characters - Oh blimey, we have a ~lot~ of new challengers this time around, including the likes of Solid Snake in Evolution Skateboarding and Konami Man in International Track & Field. In particular, we have to thank LanceBoyle94 (who also gave us a slew of PS2-era screenshots) and Matt for their contributions for this update!
* Miracle Girls Festival - We fixed the hidden links to clips of some of the shows represented in the game. We would not stand idly by and let Karen Kujo not be shown in her full glory on this site.
* Tomoyo Fighter Perfect - A few people emailed us to say Chinchilla Softhouse's website went down. This fortunately lead us to the DLSite page for the game, so this page now has a link to a place to buy the 3.01 version of the game fully legally! That's nice, isn't it? Thanks to Derito and Jake for highlighting that issue.
* Earthworm Jim - Wow, this is an old one! We dusted this off and tightened up the text a bit, as well as the graphics on Level 3, but also altered the intro to add a link to an excellent documentary by Kim Justice that covers Sega in Brazil far better thna we could. Hope you learn something.

8th December, 2017
Oh, blimey, another online game marketplace shutting down? It's been a long time coming, but the bell tolls for thee at last, Wii Shop Channel. It's a bit unusual as while you'll be able to redownload stuff until 2019, you won't be able to add points to your account after March 26th 2018. Sadly, doing a 'best of' feature like we did with Xbox Live Indie Games because it's a lot more expensive (and, well, most of the stuff we have is on Virtual Console) but we have decided to spotlight one particularly noteworthy game, Space Invaders Get Even. Sorry, it's not Pole's Big Adventure, alas.

Oh, and as is tradition by this point, we commissioned a Twitter artist to draw our mascot. This time, it's Soyatu who did a fantastic job!

Definitely give them a follow on Twitter or Tumblr, they're one of our favourite artists on there! Thanks again~

One more thing- our dear Editor has decided to bunk off for the Christmas season, which he claims extends to the end of January now. Where has he gone? It is a mystery. So no updates until February. Enjoy the peace and quiet!

24th November, 2017
We actually love the original Golden Axe. And Golden Axe II, for that matter. But the third one? Nah, not so keen. That's why we have a whole lot of words about Golden Axe III for you this month. Also a lot of stealth praise for Golden Axe II. Ahem. Anyway, we also updated our Art Dump in case you needed MS Paint fanart of the heroine from Korokoro Post Nin. You're welcome.

27th October, 2017
A little bonus for you this month, we managed to wrangle something together about a game that really impressed us- Yomawari: Night Alone. At last, Nippon Ichi redeem themselves after The Firefly Diary!

6th October, 2017
Why can't our first LaserDisc-based game be good? Can we get a do-over and look at some form of Galaxian3 instead? No? Alright. We're looking at another Data East game, and it's one of their worst, Bega's Battle. Harrumph.

5th September, 2017
Oh boy, a light gun game! It's been some time, hasn't it? This one we can get away with 'cause it's really a joystick hiding under that gun, as we vow to stop the "SKULL" in Operation Wolf 3. We're getting closer to Under Fire, eh? We also redid the various game listing pages to change some of the font colours to make them more readable. That's it.

20th August, 2017
It breaks my heart to take Kemono Friends off the front page, but we now have a new bit of tat Sonic on Sega's Mega Play system. It's a very quick article but it's a weird version of a classic. So learn something, will ya?

14th August, 2017
We all knew this was going to happen. We were going to excavate ourselves and become The Spelunker someday. And so we turn to Spelunker Collection, one of those M2 collections that sadly never left Japan. You, too, can become The Spelunker if you read this article.

Two older pages got updated too, which is always nice.
* Splatterhouse - With some help from a friend, we've added a little blurb on the rather good Switch port of Splatterhouse as part of Namco Museum Switch. Yes, this is real, it is absolutely not a drill.
* Guest Characters - New challengers have appeared, including Cotton & Silk in Trouble Witches Origin, Judge Spear (Viper Phase 1) in Raiden Fighters, and Skullomania in Fighter Maker. Fight on!!

18th July, 2017
Our first... Skateboarding game? OK, sure. We have a little look at AirBoarder 64 this month. Please wear your knee pads and helmets, everyone!

28th June, 2017
Oh! It's us again. Two updates this month, but it's only a little extra thing- The Xbox Live Indie Games Sunset Selection. 16 games from a service that's closing in a few months. May as well get this out the way before they disappear forever!

23rd June, 2017
Hey, you wanna hear us talk about a fighting game again? What do you mean, no? C'mon, watch us babble our way through an article about Red Earth. You might learn sometihng, I mean, probably.

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