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20th May, 2020
Still at it, are we? Apparently so. We're probably no longer on the ENEMY OF THE STATE blacklist because we've actually (mostly) stuck to our update schedule and even did a full playthrough after not doing one for a while! Blimey. Managed to cross some big things off the ol' list over the past twelve months- one of our front-page jokes, Under Fire, done! Not one, but two NES games in the form of Idol Hakkenden and The Wing of Madoola, check! More fighting games like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Fighter's History Dynamite, check and check! Finally, our first PS3 game with actual game capture, Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day, only possible with the kind contributions to our Tip Jar. Again, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

So, let's mark the occasion with a Taito of America classic, Zoo Keeper. I think this might be the oldest game on the site? I say that a lot, but this one really has a case for it. Anyway, here's to at least one, maybe two more years of splatting words on the internet, engaging in the conspiracy of 'video' and 'games' being brought together, and being the strongest website in the world! For now though, Gaming Hell will be taking its normal break... Probably. Don't expect anything for a month, maybe. See you next!

1st May, 2020
Another NES game on this site? Have we sold out? No, another Famicom game, as we take a look at Sunsoft's The Wing of Madoola. Also, the City Connection page got updated with Clarice's appearance in The Game Paradise CruisinMix plus some misc fixes. Enjoy. Oh, and look forward to our normal anniversary update later this month!

1st April, 2020
No tomfoolery or malarky this year, I'm afraid, but instead our very first PS3 game that doesn't have a built-in screenshot function! It's time to get weird with Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day, a review only made possible by the capture equipment funded by the Tip Jar. If you've ever contributed, thank you!

2nd March, 2020
Hey, we're not late! It's just no-one reads the internet on a Sunday. This month, it's back to boot camp for us as we mash those buttons again and take a look at Konami's Combat School. Now drop and give me infinity.

16th February, 2020
Oh, a surprise update! This is something I'd like to do more often, a mid-month update so we get more gamesoft articles up on here. Not at the cost of quality, mind you, but I'll see if I can do these semi-consistently. So, this time, it's time to mix drinks and change lives with VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. Please, enjoy.

1st February, 2020
Are you ready, true believers? Gaming Hell and Capcom (and Eighting, and Tatsunoko) have joined forces once again to bring you... It's an article about Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars! Survive uncanny adventure! Don't miss out on the enjoyment of a lifetime! Behold amazing fantasy! Don't miss the most amazing tag-team fighting game ever! Are you ready for a new challenger? Now, come join... Marvel Super Heroes v- wait, messed it up at the last second. Nuts.

Additionally, if you remember a few years ago, we set up a Tip Jar with the intention of getting new weird games and, crucially, new capture equipment. It's nice to announce that we got enough tips to afford an Elgato HD capture device- the one with the proprietary PS3 cable to get past that console's HDCP. Don't expect things straight away, but we absolutely plan to try and cover more PS3 and 360 games as a result. If you ever contributed to the Tip Jar, Gaming Hell thanks you from the bottom of its heart.

2nd January, 2020
New year, new decade, same old Gaming Hell, as we're officially Back On Our Bullshit with yet another idol game, but it's also our first NES game for a very long time... Well, Famicom game, really- it's time for Idol Hakkenden. Have your call and response prompt cards ready, please.

17th December, 2019
Good thing we did that bonus article last month, 'cause this month's article was late as heck! Sorry about that. In any case, it is our first Gaelco game, and not the last- Alligator Hunt. Please, enjoy.

21st November, 2019
A bonus article? Yes. Because this is not just November, it's Karnovember, punks! And that means it's finally time to write a love letter about Fighter's History Dynamite. This one turned out a little short, really, but it's quite densely-packed, so please enjoy it, and learn to embrace the TIGERBAZOOKAATTACK.

2nd November, 2019
So close to keeping up that record of always updating on the first of the month, but alas, we got waylaid by this and that. But now, the story can be told of the most crime-ridden town on Earth- Under Fire. You, too, will find out what you think of that. Please enjoy.

1st October, 2019
Oh boy, the Mega Drive Mini's out in Europe this week! So let's do a full playthrough of one of the best games on the unit- Alisia Dragoon. Yep, this one's a favourite. Also we updated the Guest Characters page a few weeks back, so enjoy that.

2nd September, 2019
A Nintendo game? On this website? Strange things are afoot indeed, but of course, it can't be a normal Nintendo game if we're talking about it. Instead, it's one of their post-Donkey Kong arcade games, Sky Skipper, mostly notable for bombing on location test. Oh dear!

1st August, 2019
It is time. Vocaloids have had their chance, the Love Lives have shown what they've got, but we can't put it off any longer. For here, the idols rule, and it is time to cover THE iDOLM@sTER: SHINY FESTA. You're lucky this is here at all, because while most of the ground research was done a while ago, during the compiling of this article we had the hottest heatwave in British history and my save data corrupted itself just at the end of double-checking some things. Clearly the forces of Nico Nico Nii tried to stop this from happening, but no-one can stop 765Pro, not even the Yazawa Mob.

On a more positive note, fanart! First up is some D. D. Crew nonsense from reader Alexander~

And next is a commission by ProjectTIGER_ of Sowertty!

1st July, 2019
It's time to GET BUSY as we explore one of the weirdest brawlers Sega ever made, D. D. Crew. Also, with the help of readers avery and Green3815, we've updated the Koloomn page with some info on a few extra versions. Please enjoy.

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