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20th May, 2021
Unlucky number 13 means we must be back on that ENEMY OF THE STATE blacklist, especially since our update schedule's been way rougher, taking an extended break after our 12th anniversary and at the start of the year. You can't blame us, right? We at least have a bunch of articles in the can ready for the future In any case, while things have been a little slower, we have managed to cross off a bunch of things off the site bucket list- Bonanza Bros. is one I've wanted to cover for years, as well as more delisted / unavailable games, even if I only managed one of those, Mushihimesama: Bug Panic and something a bit more self-indulgent with Namco Museum. There's also some games I wasn't expecting to properly cover like Comix Zone, OutRun 2019 and Bucky O'Hare. If you're still reading our website, thank you for sticking with us even when our update schedule has been, well, crap.

To mark the occasion this time, let's look at (probably) my favourite Capcom brawler, The Punisher. Not the one you were expecting, huh? Hopefully once you read this you'll understand where I'm coming from. Anyway, here's to at least one, maybe two more years of typing on a jeyboard, using a monitor of some kind to engage in interactive media and being the strongest website in the galaxy! Things are a little in flux on whether there'll be an update next month- I wanted to get a review of the Famicom Detective Club remake done as something quick but that might not happen as fast as I had hoped for a couple reasons. Please wait warmly for Gaming Hell to return.

1st May, 2021
Mayday, Mayday, come in Righteous Indignation! Yes, that can only mean one thing, Gaming Hell takes a visit to the Aniverse with the arcade Bucky O'Hare game. This is an odd one, effectively serving as a conclusion to its license, so I had to cover the franchise as a whole, so hopefully you make it to the bit where I actually review the game! Look forward to an extra update for the site's 13th birthday later this month.

5th April, 2021
No visual novel nonsense this April Fools' Day, sorry! But maybe there'll be something later in the year...? In any case, it's time to go back to the battlefield and cover another Capcom fighting game, but this is a bit of an odd one- Star Gladiator - Episode:I Final Crusade, their very first in-house 3D fighter. Can the stars align and make this a runaway success? Well, read on and find out.

There's likely to be more old article updates soon (ish) but for now, Crime Fighters got a little tidy-up in addition to adding notes on the Arcade Archives rerelease because yes, it absolutely got one somehow.

Before we go though, is it art commission time again? Yes. This time it's WUR drawing our site mascot!

1st March, 2021
Gaming Hell's back after a break, with a disappointing game! Isn't that always the way? This time it's late-era Mega Drive comic-em-up Comix Zone, with a neat bonus that I'm hoping to include with as many articles as possible going forward- a no-continue clear video. I kinda felt I had to do this with this particular game because it has, shall we say, a certain reputation and I needed to show my credentials. However, at least one other future article will have an accompanying video like this as I'm in a better position to record this kind of thing. Please look forward to them.

While I was gone, I updated a bunch of older articles.
* The Fairyland Story - As well as some general text clean-up, added info about the Arcade Archives rerelease of the game. Yes, it happened, and I'm glad it did.
* Cleopatra Fortune - Quite a few updates here. First, readers Vicente and Nicholas sent us info that finally helped me figure out how to get the cosplay pictures of Patoraco, thank you! Also, a load of extra stuff like flyer scans courtesy of the big Insert Credit forum thread by Jonathan "Persona" Kim / personasama, ta! Finally, the Mystery Mode guide was helped along by INA1992 who sent this NicoNicoDouga video which helped me figure out how to beat Stage 49, leading to the end of Stage 50... And onto the next 50 stages. I'll, uh, get onto those stages another day.
* Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampure - Added character profiles to bring this in line with more recent fighting game articles, plus added a lot of details from Darkstalkers: Official Complete Works including photos of scrapped characters, and redid the section on Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection on PS2 with more info and better screenshots.
* Golden Axe III - Changed the description of the method for getting the true ending because, uh, none of the methods I know work. Friend of the site Kittens debunked most of the ways listed on the internet including the one I thought I found so this is still shrouded in mystery. You don't know the answer, do you? Don't send us to GameFAQs, that method's not right either. Yes, I know YouTubers say that's the method to get the ending, but they didn't bother testing it because it doesn't bloody work.
* Kaiser Knuckle - Added a video of friend of the site LordBBH defeating The General Challenge on a single coin. Maybe he's not the perfect soldier all... If you're an unstoppable arcade warrior like BBH is. A few links to community guides and tournaments have also been added if you'd like to learn how to play the game yourself.

My nonsense also ended up on Anime News Network where I waffled about Touhou fan games like Touhou Defense Force. Do give it a read.

18th December, 2020
Hey now, we're just fashionably late. Had to put this up later in the month because it's a real big heist! It's Sega's Bonanza Bros., covering both the original arcade release and the Mega Drive conversion released the following year. One of our increasingly-rare playthroughs, covering both versions at the same time for reasons explained in the article. Please, enjoy this exhaustive (and exhausting) look at the exploits of the thief brothers of legend!

Oh, and we commissioned FuriousTH to draw our site mascot in the style of modern Puyo Puyo!

May as well pop this here too, the Bonanza Bros. meeting the Gamesoft Gals, by Pauli Kohberger once more:

We'll be taking January off (and possibly February) in order to prepare a slew of new articles. Please wait warmly, friends.

2nd November, 2020
This is an odd one, a game you can no longer play on its original format because of the relentless march of progress. It's CAVE's iOS twinstick shooter Mushihimesama Bug Panic. This is the first and most likely only CAVE game to appear on Gaming Hell, because if there's one thing I've learned over the decade or so running this place, it's that I cannot, for the life of me, write about shmups. It's better this way, I promise you.

1st October, 2020
Gaming Hell's first racing game screams into view, it's time to talk about one of many forgotten OutRun games, OutRun 2019 a year after it would've been relevant. Oh well. One other thing- the review score graphics have been changed from stars to hearts, because a) those star graphics were obviously from Super Mario Bros. 3, an embarrassing blemish, and b) hearts are absolutely more within the aesthetic of Gaming Hell, wouldn't you say?

16th September, 2020
In the quest to try and do more mid-month updates, here's something a little pointless but interesting regardless- a guided tour of every instalment of Namco Museum on PS1. Sometimes it's nice just to do an info-dump, ya know?

1st September, 2020
The gears of rhythm turn once more, and this time they have made it to a non-Sony platform, shock of shocks. The Switch gets Miku-Miku'd (for reals) with a late review of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix. I mean, you ain't visitng this site for timely stuff, are you?

3rd August, 2020
Right, back to normal. Or at least what counts as normal around here these days. The staff of Gaming Hell- such as they are- have been nice and refreshed over the long break, and we've managed to get a couple of articles in the can for future dispersal. Not as many as I'd hoped (mostly some updates I wanted to get done on older pages) but enough, so please look forward to them. For now, we hit the streets of New York City in the game that was made instead of Double Dragon 3 by the series' original team- The Combatribes.
There's also been some updates to older pages.
Cleopatra Fortune - Added a little note about the game's origins- this was originally a downloadable game on Taito's X-55 Karaoke system! This page will be getting a more serious update in the future for the Mystery Mode, so hold on!
Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 - Added information about the cancelled GBA port- a prototype has recently been unearthed, offering some insight into how this port would've looked. This page will probably be getting a big update in the future too with info from Metal Slug: The Ultimate History, so hang tight!
VA-11 Hall-a: Cyberpunk Bartender Action - Added info on how the Switch port handles the controls as it finally arrived in the post.

Sorry a lot of that is 'please wait warmly' but we're getting to it, promise! Additionally, across the next few months we're going to be adjusting the site's internal file structure which is a bit of a long-winded process, so if there's any broken images on any pages please let us know!

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