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20th May, 2022
Another year on the ENEMY OF THE STATE blacklist. Oh well. I was a little disappointed I had to abandon my plans for the end of 2021 due to running short on time, which also meant no full-length playthrough this time, but even so, I think we've done a rather respectable job at updating. Some highlights from the past year include Chack'n Pop which is a Taito game I've been meaning to cover for a while, Waku Waku 7 which is a real favourite of a fighting game and an article I'm surprisingly proud of, Famicom Detective Club. We also had the unexpected honour of a new guest article by D.J. Tatsujin covering WWF WrestleMania in-depth (thanks again!) and even managed to squeeze in our first SNES game, Psycho Dream. This was also the year we began streaming on Twitch which people seem to enjoy even after we introduced our PNGTuber. If you're still reading and watching, thank you, and please look forward to more.

For now though, it's a shame this wasn't our first SNES game on the site because it'd be a banger- Panel de Pon, Intelligent Systems' magnum opus and the best damn puzzle game Nintendo ever put their name to. This does cover like a million other versions of the game too so get yourself a nice cup of tea, it's a long one. In any case, here's to at least one more year of mashing out words, engaging with electronic equipment and being the strongest website in the webiverse! See you next update.

... Oh, wait, some Skeb art of our site mascot! First, courtesy of Neriedor, it's Sowertty chilling out for a moment:

And courtesy of ibara_380, it's chibi-Sowertty:

11th April, 2022
Been a while since we saw the Game Boy on this site, so let's fix that and take a look at the frog-and-snake adventure Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru. One of those rare non-localised Nintendo games, we take a good look at it and hopefully bust a myth or two about it while we're at it, isn't that nice?

1st April, 2022
Something absolutely nobody was waiting for, it's April Fools' Day once again which means... The fourth Gaming Hell Micro Visual Novel, Arks' Playhouse, has appeared. Ed and the Gamesoft Gals must have their final battle with the local arcade rat, Arks. Can they see it all the way through to the end without getting bored? Can you? You probably can, it's only like 10 minutes long. It's got a message too, kind-of, about whether all nerds can be friends. Please enjoy it.

Oh, yeah, something else... I've begun streaming over on Twitch. This is not the dreaded pivot-to-video, I promise you- just a little side-thing mostly for the purposes of showing off every single game on the Taito Egret II Mini, as well as other interesting games. Please take a look! Maybe these streams are good? We'll never know.

1st March, 2022
Back (hopefully) to regular monthly updates, and it's time once again to hit the track- this time, Taito throws their hat into the button-mashing ring with Field Day. At this rate I'll have to start looking at games like Caveman Ughlympics and Track Meet on the Game Boy to get my fill of multi-event sports games...

16th February, 2022
This month, Gaming Hell tackles one of those games that I was basically doomed to cover, but that's definitely not a complaint- it's the legendary lost arcade game Clockwork Aquario. Didn't think I'd ever get the opportunity to play this one, honestly, it's good to see it at last!

One more bit of Skeb art of our little mascot. Courtesy of Kyora_san, it's Sowertty having some gaming time in the park:

24th January, 2022
Oh hi there. Been a hot minute, huh? Well, some plans fell through at the tail-end of 2021, so we decided to write it off and start afresh in 2022. But what's this? Do you hear the crowd chanting? That's right, we're returning to the squared circle, but luckily we have an expert with us. We are honoured to host D.J. Tatsujin from GemuBaka who put together an incredibly in-depth look at Midway's WWF WrestleMania for us! Learn about strange glitches, the shocking truth about The Undertaker's fatality and more! That's not all, D.J. Tatsujin even made a few videos for us with a 1 Credit Clear of the game on the hardest difficulty and a video of exploit and glitches. GemuBaka is definitely a site worth checking out- a particular favourite of mine is this piece on SvC Chaos' unusual aesthetic- so thank you again to D.J. Tatsujin for putting a lot of hard work and research into this one!

A couple of updates have happened in the meantime, just to show I haven't been resting on my laurels:
* Guest Characters - A whole heap of new cameos added, plus a lot of changes to the images- ones that were shrunk down to fit the page can now be clicked to enlarge them, and many have been replaced with better ones.
* Fighter's History Dynamite - A link to PolarBlair's writeup on the game has been added, a very worthy read indeed.
* New International Track & Field - Information on the guest Konami characters and how to unlock them has been added, plus a completed save file in case you need it.
* Corpse Party - Information on the 3DS and PS4 / Xbone / Switch / Steam 2021 version has been added.

Oh, a big set of art came in too. First up, Ultra Powerful Pal of Gaming Hell Kak drew our mascot with a certain bird friend!

Next, stuff from Skeb! First there's nagomurasan with an at-peace Sowertty:

Next we have Rkugakisuru with lots of different Sarahs. She's even got a cup of tea on the go here!:

Finally, Fancy Surprise!, an artist who's done a lot of Miku work, gave Sarah a ribbony makeover:

The problem now? People on Skeb think my site mascot's cute and keep asking to draw her... How am I supposed to react to that aside from covering my face...?!

1st October, 2021
There's many SNES games that could've been the first to formally appear on Gaming Hell. Assault Suits Valken. Ardy Lightfoot. Pieces. But no, of course, it's somethng ridiculous- Psycho Dream, superstar of the Nintendo Switch Online SNES app. Oh well. It's a pretty interesting game at least! Also, thanks to reader Kino the Nazca Staff page has been updated with some corrections and more accurate information, thanks for that!

1st September, 2021
Long-time readers of the site might remember a long time ago, we took a look at Sunsoft's first fighting game, Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors. Now, we look at the follow-up release from a year later, Waku Waku 7 and why it's pretty great! Lots of extra stuff in this one, mostly a bunch of weird secrets for the game, and it's high time we had another fighting game article, so please enjoy.

One more art commission for now- this time RezaMaulana98 did an excellent anime-style Sowertty!

2nd August, 2021
Would've updated on the 1st but some cheeky cad stole the update, it's the lovable outlaw Lupin- wait, no, I mean Cliff Hanger, the game that keeps you on the edge of your toes! A mish-mash of scenes from two Lupin III movies turned into an arcade LaserDisc adventure, let's see that thief get away from us this time.

Also, one of the oldest pages on the site, SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 was given a huge update- all-new screenshots taken with Dolphin, new and more accurate information added, mostly-overhauled text, the works. It's not really a new article now but it's not an old one either, so it's like 50% new material.

Finally, our first Skeb commission! We were blown away by what なのし was able to do with our little site mascot.

1st July, 2021
Back to the arcades where this site belongs. The Taito Egret II Mini console isn't gonna be out until 2022 but you'd better believe I'm gonna be back on my bullshit until it arrives (yo, they're putting Steel Worker in it, that's the pepper! That's the stuff!) so let's start with a Taito game you probably know the name of but never really thought about beyond 'predecessor to Bubble Bobble'- no, not The Fairyland Story, it's Chack'n Pop! Please look forward to more Taito games on this site in the future.

Art commission time once more. This time it's BigBearDAC drawing our site mascot!

1st June, 2021
It was a bit touch-and-go if I was gonna make this one on time, but I did. So that's nice. Please, make yourself a nice cup of tea for a long read all about Famicom Detective Club on the Switch, both The Missing Heir and The Girl Who Stands Behind. Solve the mystery of what happens when a Famicom-era adventure game gets brought back from the '80s!

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