Something I didn't know for a long time is that the Portrait option was removed from the US version of Fighting Vipers.

The pictures are still in the game (although the intro pictures aren't on the disc) but only appear in the credits... And some of them have been replaced!

They've mostly been replaced with pictures from the intro... And some make less sense than others.

So here they are- witness American censorship in action!

JP/EU Original US Replacement
As you can see, most of these were cut out for mild sexual content- a bit of ass (courtesy of Sanman) and, well, every shot of Honey.

... Except the second Sanman picture here, replaced because it's in a chruch. The spirit of NES censorship lives on!

There's one more thing, though.

This image can't be found on the Japanese disc, only the US one.

How do you unlock it? It is a mystery~

There are plenty of contenders for 'most useless page' on this website. This could be a winner!