A dark confession: my first contribution to the internet was a Super Fantasy Zone guide.

It was crap, and things haven't really improved in the intervening years, but that doesn't stop me trying.

Really, this is just a set of guides.

Some of them are full game guides, others just look at specific parts of each game.

That's it. Go and read.

Beyond the Gamesmaster

Space Invaders DX

(Arcade, 1994, Taito)
Pointless Guide!

Fighting Vipers

(Saturn, 1996, Sega)
Secrets Guide!

Super Fantasy Zone

(Mega Drive, 1993, Sunsoft)
Full Game Guide!

Fighters Megamix

(Saturn, 1997, Sega)
Secrets Guide!

SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1

(Wii, 2009, Teminal Reality)
Medals Guide!

The Maid Clothes and Machine Gun

(Playstation 2, 2006, Rideon)
Crib Sheet!

The Fairyland Story

(Arcade, 1985, Taito)
Cameo Guide!

Iron Tank: The Invasion of Normandy

(NES, 1988, SNK)
Map Page!


(Arcade, 1991, Konami)
Version Differences!

All Star Fighters

(PS2, 2005, Digital Zero)
Moves Lists!

Pop n' Pop

(PS1, 1998, Taito)
All-Sorts Guide!

Cleopatra Fortune

(Saturn, 1997, Taito/Natsume)
Mystery Mode Guide!

Perhaps you can guide me back to the index now.