Japanese and European Version Only

Just as a general note, in case you noticed it- the Portrai option in Options Plus is not in the US version of the game.

Although the images still show up in the endings, you can't view them afterwards and some have been removed.

(Do I need to say that one of them is Honey's final picture? Probably not, but once again, here are all the changes.)

Japanese Version Only

Now, one of the biggest differences between the US/UK and Japanese versions of the game is the sheer abundance of Pepsi advertising- all of this was present and correct in the Japanese arcade version of the game too. Picky's skateboard has their logo on its underside, the UFO Diner stage has a Pepsi truck and some Pepsi billboards, and some of the portrait pictures have characters with Pepsi cans... But wait, there's more! There's a walking, talking advertisement for Pepsi hidden in the game, and he's ridiculously easy to unlock. On any stage in Arcade Mode (some sites say you have to do it on Picky's stage- that's a mistake) drop your controller at the start of the match, don't press a button, and let the computer pummel you. That's it. As soon as you're about to die, the message 'CHALLENGER COMES' will appear, and the most amazing thing ever occurs. You're dumped back at the Character Select screen, with some new, stirring music... Who is this new foe that has appeared?!


To Unlock: In Arcade Mode, against any opponent, leave the controller alone. Before the match ends, Pepsiman will challenge you. Beat him!

Pepsiman was Pepsi's mascot in Japan in the 90s, appearing in several commercials and his own Playstation game, and his mission in life is to make sure that people are enjoying Pepsi products. Most of the Pepsiman adverts end with him ending up in terrible pain, but Pepsiman doesn't care- as long as people are drinking Pepsi, all is right with the world. Oh, you want to know how he plays? Although he's quite a powerful character, he's snatched most of his moves from Tokio, and also borrows a few from Picky, such as his dive attack. That said, he's got better combos, because he can cancel certain moves that Tokio can't, leading to longer combos and more hurt for your opponent.

Unlocking Pepsiman also opens up the final secret option in Options Plus, Pepsiman Reset- this will disable Pepsiman, and he'll be around to challenge you again. You can use this to your advantage- if there's a character you really don't want to fight in Arcade Mode, reset Pepsiman and you can replace them with him. I don't think I need to explain why he's the best character in the game, so I won't, but his appearance in the game completely justifies importing the Japanese version, regardless of the other extras.

Playing a US/UK copy of Fighting Vipers with a Japanese save file with Pepsiman unlocked will make the game hang on the Options Plus menu!

Unsurprisingly, the rest of the Japan-only secrets revolve around Honey.

Because, y'know, she's the obligatory schoolgirl character, and people are crazy for that stuff.

Change Honey's name to Candy
To Unlock: Get OKs on all of Honey's moves in Training Mode, then select her while holding Z in any mode.

An entirely superficial change for only the most die-hard of fans, made even more pointless by the fact that Honey is obviously a better name than Candy. Not only does it change her name under her life-bar, but it also makes the announcer call her Candy as well. However, it doesn't work for the other versions of Honey, the ones we're about to unlock...

Hawaii Honey
To Unlock: Beat Arcade Mode as Honey on NORMAL or higher.
Hawaii Honey (gotta love that alliteration) is treated as a separate character to the regular Honey you've been playing as- she has her own icon on the Character Select screen, but can only be used in Vs., Training, and Team Battle, not Arcade Mode. It's Honey in her summer clothes, so it's just a costume change... Or, at least, it seems that way to begin with. In truth, she actually has a special attack none of the other Honeys have. You see that ukelele strapped to her back? It's not just for show.

Hell yes! She gains a ukelele attack!

Double tap forward and then press P to use this attack- it replaces her Cat Slap attack (but you can execute a more powerful version of that by holding back and pressing P anyway, so it's not gone entirely) and acts the same as Raxel's guitar attack. Also like Raxel's guitar, using it too much will make it start to flash- the enemy can then destroy it if they hit you hard enough, robbing of you of the best attack in the game. Not in terms of damage, but in terms of awesome. Aside from this, she's the same as normal Honey. The ukelele comes at a great cost, however...

... Honey's dignity when you smash her 'armour' off.

Schoolgirl Honey
To Unlock: Beat Arcade Mode as Honey on HARD or higher.
Again, Schoolgirl Honey gets a separate space on the Character Select screen, and she can't be used in Arcade Mode either. Even though she gains no additional moves like Hawaii Honey, you still can't see her moves list in Training Mode. As such, Schoolgirl Honey is possibly the most pointless character in the game, probably only included to adhere to the strict regulations regarding fighting games in Japan, i.e. there must be at least one character wearing a schoolgirl costume at some point.

Fortunately, this time she retains at least a little bit of her modesty when she loses her 'armour'.

However, I can't say that about the final Japan-only cheat. There's no dignity to be found.

Remove Honey's Skirt
To Unlock: Beat Arcade Mode as Honey on VERY HARD. In the next game you play, destroy Honey's lower armour.
Activate this at any time after meeting the requirements by holding X and selecting Honey in any mode.

Ahaha, oh dear. The final secret that's exclusive to the Japanese version is extremely dicey, but at least it's easy to do- in the arcade version of Fighting Vipers, you have to win 100 matches in a row as Honey to see this trick in action. If the average game is 50p, it would cost you 52 to see it, at least an hour of your precious time lost, and of course, the required sacrifice of your dignity. This is the Saturn version though, so once you beat the game on Very Hard as Honey, go into any game mode and destroy her lower armour.

What happens then?


Normally, when Honey's lower armour gets blown away, it just takes away her ridiculous leg-guards. With this cheat active, though, it removes her skirt as well. If you've destroyed her top armour too, this leaves the poor girl having to fight in nothing but her skidders. A lot of sites claim that this effect can't be saved to your Saturn, and that you only get one shot at it. Nope! Once you've got it once, you can activate it at any time by simply holding down X as you select Honey. If you want to get it off at the start of a match, then tap Forward, Back, Forward, Back + P + K + G very quickly (in Hyper Mode, just tap Back + P + K) to destroy her armour, taking her skirt with it. Try it out and impress your friends with your vast video game knowledge by showing them a schoolgirl beating people up in her knickers! Ha ha ha oh god so lonely, so very very lonely.

Incidentally, completing Arcade Mode on Very Hard with Honey will unlock all of these 'extra' costumes in one fell swoop.

Can't imagine why this secret was taken out the US and EU versions. Hmm, a real brain-teaser, that one.

And now, dear reader, we appeal to you for help.

A Twitter follower, @GrimDark, pointed out that the first run of the Japanese version of Fighting Vipers was actually recalled due to a save glitch!

According to his experience, 'I experienced it 1st hand, system wouldn't save progress or high scores!' (he couldn't return his copy, living in the UK and all).

We corroborated this with resident FV expert @Zerochan (isn't Twitter great?) who confirmed something like this did happen, but was hazy on specifics.

If you have any more info, please, wing us a mail at the usual address (themetalslug at gmail dot com) or hassle us on The Twitters

Just as a final note, none of these unlockables are present in the PS2 port, Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 19 - Fighting Vipers.

Here are the few unlockables in that version:
Beat the game in Arcade Mode. Move left from Grace or right from Picky to select him.
Kids Mode
Hold Left on Controller 1 and Right on Controller 2 before selecting a mode.
Destroy Honey's Skirt
Win 10 matches in a row in Versus Mode.

There. Everything you need to know about the secrets in Fighting Vipers. Use this knowledge wisely!

That's all of the secrets. I think. So, yeah, go back to the main Fighting Vipers page already!