Gaming Things We Think Are Cool!! - Games that have 'special appearances' from other game characters.

That's what this page is about.

Rules for inclusion on this page:
#1 - Only cases where the guest character is either a playable character, or an enemy, boss or interactable opponent, count. No straight-up cameos!
#2 - They must be from separate series- Ryo Sakazaki in Fatal Fury Special counts, for instance, but Hibachi in DoDonPachi Resurrection doesn't.
However, it's OK if they're in the same story continuity but originate from different series (like Street Fighter and Final Fight).
#3 - Games that are crossover games to begin with (Fighters Megamix, Super Smash Bros, etc.) don't count.
However, certain exceptional circumstances (such as Cole in Street Fighter x Tekken) will be considered.

Rules for page presentation:
#1 - English titles first, Japanese titles second.
#2 - Presented in chronological order, except when dealing with a series (i.e. Oneechabara/Aero Fighters)
We'll run through all remaining titles in that series, then go back to year order.
#3 - We'll only be listing initial/relevant release platforms and years, for space concerns.
#4 - We've divided things into 1980-1994 (first page), 1995-1999 (previous page), 2000-2009 (this page) and 2010-Present (next and final page).
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Super Bust-a-Move
Super Puzzle Bobble

(Playstation 2 / Windows / Game Boy Advance, 2000, Taito)

Catch / Catch-kun
from Taito's Catch the Heart ad campaign - As seen on this web archive version of their site

How to Unlock/Notes:
Catch/Catch-kun is available from the start.
Scoring high enough chain reactions will cause him to say 'RC de GO!' and 'DENSHA de GO!', both names of Taito games.
He also appeared in Super Bust-a-Move 2.

Mad Dash Racing
(Xbox, 2001, Crystal Dynamics)

from Gex - 3DO, 1994, Crystal Dynamics

How to Unlock/Notes:
Beat the game with all three main characters (Sid, Zero-G, and Chops), complete all Time, Stunt and Cash Trials, perform 10 attacks on each level, and get all the Medals. [Source]

Virtua Striker 3
Virtua Striker 2 Ver. 2002

(Arcade / Gamecube, 2001 / 2002, Amusement Vision)

Sonic, Dr. Eggman, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Chao, Hero Chao and Dark Chao
from Sonic the Hedgehog - (Sonic & Dr. Eggman) - Mega Drive, 1991, Sonic Team
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Tails) - Mega Drive, 1992, Sonic Team
Sonic the Hedgehog CD (Amy) - Mega CD, 1994, Sonic Team
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Knuckles) - Mega Drive, 1993, Sonic Team
Sonic Adventure (Chao) - Dreamcast, 1998, Sonic Team
& Sonic Adventure 2 (Hero Chao & Dark Chao) - Dreamcast, 2001, Sonic Team

How to Unlock/Notes:
To play against FC Sonic in the arcade version, on the congratulations screen after defeating the final team, press Short Pass three times, Shoot once, then Short Pass once. FC Sonic will replace FC Sega as your final opponent.
To play as FC Sonic in the arcade version, on the Team Select team, press the Start button once while the cursor is over Sweden, Morocco, Denmark, Spain and France, in that order. FC Sonic's team icon will appear if the code is successful. [Source]
To play against and play as FC Sonic in the Gamecube port (also known as Virtua Striker 2002 and Virtua Striker 3 Ver. 2002), play in Ranking Mode and accumulate 20 points. FC Sonic will challenge you, and they are unlocked after you defeat them. [Source]
The team's manager is, of course, Yuji Naka.
(Screenshots provided by Liam Ashcroft- thanks!)

Vantage Master Online
(Windows, 2002, Nihon Falcom)

Adol, Leah & Feena, Ares, Dela, Clare, Mail, Gau and Jurio & Chris
from Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished (Adol and Leah & Feena) - PC-8801, 1987, Nihon Falcom
Brandish (Ares and Dela) - PC-9801/FM Towns, 1991, Nihon Falcom
Brandish VT (Clare) - PC-9801, 1996, Nihon Falcom
Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure (Mail and Gau) - PC-9801, 1991, Nihon Falcom
& The Legend of Heroes III: White Witch (Jurio & Chris) - PC-9801, 1994, Nihon Falcom)

How to Unlock/Notes:
All of these characters are available from the start in Free Battle mode.
Click their names directly under the rotating GIF to see their individual screens.
(Vantage Master Online's translation isn't great- it spells Jurio's name as Julio and Dela's name as Dora!)

Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku Toukon
(Neo-Geo, 2002, Noise Factory)

Jimmy, Elias, Mr. Jones and Lynn
from Rage of the Dragons - Neo-Geo, 2002, Evoga/Playmore

How to Unlock/Notes:
On the Character Select screen, tap Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right. These four characters will appear in the centre of the screen. [Source]
All but Mr. Jones can also appear as opponents in single-player mode.
These characters were removed from the game's pseudo-sequel, Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou for the Playstation 2.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
(Wndows, 2002, Gearbox Software)

Doom Guy
from Doom - MS-DOS, 1993, id Software

How to Unlock/Notes:
Windows version only!
On the Codes screen in the Options menu, type 'idkfa'. [Source]

Family Tennis Advance
(Game Boy Advance, 2002, Natsume / Namco)

Alice, Anna Hottenmeyer, Bravoman, Gil,
Heihachi Mishima, Hitomi Yoshino, Ki, Klonoa,
Susumu Hori, Pac-Man, Pino, Rick Taylor,
Taira no Kagekiyo, WadaDon, Valkyrie & Wonder Momo

from Märchen Maze (Alice) - Arcade, 1988, NH System / Namco
Mr. Driller (Susumu) - Arcade, 1999, Namco
Mr. Driller 2 (Anna) - Arcade, 2000, Namco
Bravoman / Beraboh Man (Bravoman) - Arcade, 1987, Namco
The Tower of Druaga (Gil & Ki) - Arcade, 1984, Namco
Tekken (Heihachi Mishima) - Arcade, 1994, Namco
Namco Sports Image Girl (Hitomi Yoshino - first appeared in Moto GP 2)
Pac-Man (Pac-Man) - Arcade, 1980, Namco
Toy Pop (Pino) - Arcade, 1986, Namco
Splatterhouse (Rick) - Arcade, 1988, Namco
Genpei Touma Den (Taira no Kagekiyo) - Arcade, 1996, Namco
Taiko: Drum Master / Taiko no Tatsujin (WadaDon) - Arcade, 1993, Namco
Valkyrie no Bouken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu (Valkyrie) - NES, 1986, Namco
& Wonder Momo (Wonder Momo) - Arcade, 1987, Namco

How to Unlock/Notes:
Beat the computer in Exhibition Mode in a 5-set match. You will unlock one of these characters at random. [Source]

R-Type Final
(Playstation 2, 2003 / 2004, Irem)

Mr. Heli
from Battle Chopper/Mr. Heli no Daibouken - Arcade, 1987, Irem

How to Unlock/Notes:
In the R's Museum, when you are able to highlight Ship #59, enter the password 1026 2001 (US/EU) or 5959 5959 (Japan/Korea) when prompted. [Source]

OF-1 Daedalus
from Image Fight - Arcade, 1988, Irem

How to Unlock/Notes:
After unlocking Ship #48 (TX-T Eclipse), use this ship for at least 90 minutes of in-game time. [Source]
The Daedalus retains a feature from the original game, changing its shape slightly when adjusting its speed.

R-11B Peace Maker
from Cosmic Cop / Armed Police Unit Gallop - Arcade, 1991, Irem

How to Unlock/Notes:
After unlocking Ship #44 (R-11A Future World), use this ship for at least 30 minutes of in-game time. [Source]
The Peace Maker retains the lock-on laser from the original game, adapted to utilise R-Type's beam system.
Armed Police Unit Gallop was always part of R-Type canon, though- it takes place cocurrently with R-Type Delta.

SoulCalibur II
(Arcade / Playstation 2 / Gamecube / Xbox, 2003, Project Soul)

from The Legend of Zelda / Zelda no Densetsu: The Hyrule Fantasy - NES, 1986 / 1987, Nintendo R&D 4

How to Unlock/Notes:
Gamecube version only!
Link is available from the start.
His appearance is based on that of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. [Screen Source]

Heihachi Mishima
from Tekken - Arcade, 1994, Namco

How to Unlock/Notes:
Playstation 2 / HD rerelease versions only!
Heihachi is available from the start.
His appearance is based on that of Tekken 3 and onwards.
He would later appear alongside Spawn in the Xbox Live Arcade/Playstation Network HD rerelease of the game. [Screen Source]

SoulCalibur Legends
(Wii, 2007 / 2008, Project Soul)

Lloyd Irving
from Tales of Symphonia - Gamecube, 2003, Namco Tales Studio

How to Unlock/Notes:
Lloyd becomes a playable character in the Story Mode after you defeat him in Chapter 3: Desire for Power. [Source] [Screen Source]

SoulCalibur IV
(Playstation 3 / Xbox 360, 2008, Project Soul)

Starkiller / Galen Marek / The Apprentice
from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Multi-platform, 2008, LucasArts

How to Unlock/Notes:
Complete Arcade Mode with your console's respective Star Wars character (Darth Vader on PS3, Yoda on 360) [Source] [Source]
He is referred to as just The Apprentice in-game.
He also has a home stage, Star Destroyer Docking Bay.

SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny
(Playstation Portable, 2009, Project Soul)

from God of War - Playstation 2, 2005, SCE Santa Monica Studio

How to Unlock/Notes:
Kratos is available from the start.
He also has a home stage, Challenge of the Gods.
However, his fighting style is not available for the Creation mode.

SoulCalibur V
(Playstation 3 / Xbox 360, 2012, Project Soul)

Ezio Auditore
from Assassin's Creed II - Playstation 3/Xbox 360, 2009, Ubisoft Montreal

How to Unlock/Notes:
Ezio is available from the start.
However, his fighting style is not available for the Creation mode. [Art Source] [Screen Source]

Viewtiful Joe
Viewtiful Joe: A New Hope

(Playstation 2, 2004, Clover)

from Devil May Cry - Playstation 2, 2001, Capcom

How to Unlock/Notes:
Playstation 2 version only!
Beat the game once on any difficulty. [Source]
(The PS2 release of Viewtiful Joe got A New Hope as a subtitle when it was released in Japan, but it kept its original name overseas).

Graffiti Kingdom
Rakugaki Oukoku 2

(Playstation 2, 2004 / 2005, Garakuta Studio/Taito)

Reimu Hakurei
from Touhou Rei'iden: The Highly Responsive to Prayers - PC-98, 1996, ZUN/Amusement Makers

How to Unlock/Notes:
Reimu's character card is hidden in the Palette's Palace stage- here is a video showing how to find it.
Reimu is called Flying Maiden in-game, but is very obviously Reimu as ZUN worked on the game.
(Taito cameos in this game to be added later!)

DK: King of Swing
Bura Bura Donkey Kong
(Game Boy Advance, 2005, Paon)

from Clu Clu Land - NES, 1985, Nintendo

How to Unlock/Notes:
In Adventure Mode, collect all 24 Medals as DK to unlock Diddy Mode, then finish Diddy Mode with all 24 Medals. [Source]
Bubbles can only be used in single or multiplayer Jungle Jam Events.

Zombie Hunters
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 80: The Oneechanpuruu

(Playstation 2, 2005 / 2007, Tamsoft)

Riho & Makoto Futaba
from Simple 1500 Series Vol. 88 - The Gal Mahjong - Playstation, 2002, HuneX

How to Unlock/Notes:
Riho is available from the start.
Makoto is unlocked by beating Riho's story.

Zombie Hunters 2
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 101: The Oneechanpon

(Playstation 2, 2006 / 2007, Tamsoft)

Riho & Makoto Futaba
from Simple 1500 Series Vol. 88 - The Gal Mahjong - Playstation, 2002, HuneX

How to Unlock/Notes:
Riho is available from the start.
Makoto is unlocked by Chapter 1 in Story Mode as Riho.

Kiku & Hana
from Dragon Sisters / Simple 2000 Series Vol. 87: The Nadesico - Playstation 2, 2005 / 2007, Tamsoft

How to Unlock/Notes:
Either fulfil all in-game quests, or start the game with a Memory Card plugged in with a Dragon Sisters save file on it.

Metal Slug 6
(Arcade, 2006, SNK Playmore)

Ralf Jones & Clark Still
from Ikari Warriors / Ikari - Arcade, 1985, SNK

How to Unlock/Notes:
Ralf and Clark are available from the start.
They have moves from their appearances in The King of Fighters- Ralf can use his Vulcan Punch to attack even vehicles, and Clark can use his Super Argentine Backbreaker on infantry to score points.
(Sorry for the weird colours, these shots are from the weird Metal Slug Collection PC which is a bit of a messy release).

Metal Slug XX
(Playstation Portable / Xbox 360, 2009 /2010, SNK Playmore)

Leona Heidern
from The King of Fighters '96 - Arcade, 1996, SNK

How to Unlock/Notes:
DLC character (shots from the PSP version), not available in the original DS version, Metal Slug 7.
She has moves from her appearance in The King of Fighters- her grenades are Earring Bombs, and she can perform her Moon Slasher as a melee attack.

Sonic Riders
(Gamecube / Playstation 2 / Xbox / Windows, 2006, Sonic Team/United Game Artists)

NiGHTS, Ulala & AiAi
from NiGHTS into Dreams... (NiGHTS) - Saturn, 1996, Sonic Team
Space Channel 5 (Ulala) - Dreamcast, 1999 / 2000, United Game Artists
& Monkey Ball (AiAi) - Arcade, 2000, Amusement Vision

How to Unlock/Notes:
Beat all the Jet, Wave and Storm missions to unlcok all three of these characters. [Source]
(Screenshots provided by Liam Ashcroft- thanks!)

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
(Playstation 2 / Wii, 2008, Sonic Team)

NiGHTS, Amigo & Billy Hatcher
from NiGHTS into Dreams... (NiGHTS) - Saturn, 1996, Sonic Team
Samba de Amiga. (Amigo) - Arcade/Dreamcast, 1999 / 2000, Sonic Team
& Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (Billy Hatcher) - Gamecube / Windows. 2003, Sonic Team

How to Unlock/Notes:
Beat all the missions in Story Mode to unlcok all three of these characters. [Source]

Castle of Shikigami III
Shikigami no Shiro III

(Arcade /Wii / Xbox 360, 2006, Alfa System)

Reika Kirishima
from Time Gal - Arcade, 1985, Taito

How to Unlock/Notes:
Reika is available from the start.
(Screenshot provided by @Idolmeister- thanks!)

Mario Hoops: 3-on-3
Mario Basket: 3-on-3
Mario Slam Basketball

(DS, 2006, Square-Enix / Nintendo)

White Mage, Black Mage, Ninja, Moogle & Cactuar
from Final Fantasy (White Mage, Black Mage, Ninja) - NES, 1987, Squaresoft
Final Fantasy III (Moogle) - NES, 1990, Squaresoft
& Final Fantasy VI (Cactuar) - SNES, 1994, Squaresoft

How to Unlock/Notes:
To unlock Ninja, finish the Rainbow Cup with any prize.
To unlock White Mage, finish the Rainbow Cup with a Silver prize.
To unlock Black Mage, finish the Rainbow Cup with a Gold prize.
To unlock Moogle, finish the Star Cup with a Silver prize. [Source]
To unlock Cactuar, first unlock Glare Desert (enter the Star Tourney and score over 800 points on Jr. Street) then play an Exhibition Match there. Wait for a green lump to appear on the court, then dribble the ball on top of it a few tiese. Cactuar will pop out- win the Exhibition Match and Cactuar will be unlocked. [Source]

Rondo of Swords
Rondo of Deception

(DS, 2007 / 2008, Success)

Cotton & Silk
from Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams - Arcade, 1992, Success/Sega

How to Unlock/Notes:
Cotton will join you in Hidden Stage 9. To reach Hidden Stage 9, save all the civilians in Stage 8. [Source] [Screen Source]
Silk appears during Cotton's spell animations.

Izuna & Shino
from Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja - DS, 2007, Ninja Team/Success

How to Unlock/Notes:
Shino will join you in Stage 15 if you speak to her with Serdic.
Izuna will join you in Stage 19 if you speak to her with Shino.[Source]

Windy X Windam
(DS, 2008 / 2010, Success)

Izuna & Shino
from Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja - DS, 2007, Ninja Team/Success

How to Unlock/Notes:
To unlock Izuna, beat the game on Hard.
To unlock Shino, beat the game on Maniac. [Source]
(Do excuse the graphical glitches- Nintendo DS emulation, man.)

Castle Crashers
(Xbox 360 / Playstation 3 / Windows / Mac, 2008 / 2010 / 2012, The Behemoth)

Alien Hominid
from Alien Hominid - Playstation 2/Gamecube/Xbox/Xbox 360 + others, 2004/2005/2007, The Behemoth

How to Unlock/Notes:
In the Xbox 360 version, play Castle Crashers after you have bought the full version of Alien Hominid HD and have earned at least one achievement in it. [Source]
In all other versions, complete the Alien Ship stage on Normal. [Source] [Screen Source]

(Playstation Portable, 2005, Planet Moon Studios)

from BloodRayne - Playstation 2 / Gamecube / Xbox / Windows / Mac, 2002, Terminal Reality

How to Unlock/Notes:
Either complete every mission in the game, or get a gold medal on Mission 33 [Source]

(Wii, 2009, Next Level Games/Nintendo)

Donkey Kong
from Donkey Kong - Arcade, 1981, Ikegami Tsushinki/Nintendo

How to Unlock/Notes:
After beating Career and Title Defense, you will unlock Mac's Last Stand mode, and you will eventually fight Donkey Kong. Beat him in this mode and you unlock him as a fightable opponent in Exhibition Mode. [Source]

Samurai Warriors 3
Sengoku Musou 3

(Wii, 2009, Omega Force/Koei Tecmo Games)

from The Mysterious Murasame Castle/Nazo no Murasame-Jou - Famicom Disk System, 1986, Nintendo EAD

How to Unlock/Notes:
Takamaru is initially only playable in the Murasame Castle Mode.
After finding all 33 Tanuki throughout this mode, Takamaru becomes playable in the other game modes. [Source] [Screen Source]

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HokutoNoShock: Puzzle Bobble 3; shots of Elevator Action Deluxe
inobscurity:Windy x Windam, Gunbird 2
Motherplayer: Boombots
Scrollboss: Shots of Ultra Street Fighter IV
Kimimi: Shots of Lost Planet 2
Liam Ashcroft: Shots and info of Le Mans 24; shots of Virtua Striker 2003; shots of Sonic Riders
Kroogah: Shots and info of Super Meat Boy; shots and info of Spelunky
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