Ha ha, whoops.

Sorry folks, but I got a little lazy. There's no bonus stuff like the other games on the site.

Had you going, though, didn't I?

... Oh, alright. Here's some other cool stuff for you.

First, I figured I'd put the credits here. It's a little tradition on this site, after all.

They also come complete with a bitchin' animation of Opa-Opa giving us the peace sign. Kudos, lil' dude.

Oh, there's this little thing as well. The background for Menone has the 7 bosses from the original Fantasy Zone floating around, defeated.

From left to right, you can see Poppoos (Round 5 boss), Crabumger (Round 4 boss), Cobabeach (Round 3 boss), Stunpalon (Round 1 boss), Ida-2 (Round 7 boss), Winklone (Round 6 boss, it's the lone eyeball) and Volanda (Round 2 boss). Exciting, no?

And finally, uh...

If you haven't had enough Fantasy Zone fun on your Mega Drive, then pick up a copy of Arnold Palmer's Tournament Golf!

No, really.

I'm not even kidding here. Arnold Palmer's Tournament Golf has a Fantasy Zone mini-game hidden in it. To get to it, start a game in Practice Mode on any course, then make 100 shots without getting to the green. The best way to do this is to switch to the putter, then keep whacking the A button so you keep hitting the ball at low power. When you get to 100 shots, this amazingly shoddy Game Over screen shows up. On this screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. People who are awesome will probably notice it's the Konami Code. Anyway, when you do this, the screen disappears...

... To reveal this one-screen version of Plaleaf from the original Fantasy Zone, complete with music from, er, the Arnold Palmer title screen. You've got one button for shooting, another for bombing, and the game ends when you destroy both Enemy Generators. This isn't very easy, though- the collision detection is all over the place, and the game just feels 'off'. That, and the cannon fodder enemies now take several shots to kill. Oh, and you've only got one life. Once you're done, or you die, you're prompted to press start, and the game starts again. There's no way to get out of this mini-game without resetting the console.

And no, you can't have a save state to take you straight to it. Half the fun is unlocking this yourself, so get golfing.

Oh, now really, this wasn't necessary.