So, here's a page of miscellaneous Undercover Cops... Things.

First up, a little section with all the differences between the World and Japanese/Alpha Renewal versions.

* Various name changes:

World and Alpha Renewal
Zan Takahara
Matt Gables
Rosa Felmonde
Cue Ball
Moguralian β
Cone Head
Zan Black
Matt Black
Rosa Black

* The World version is missing the following attacks: wake-up attacks (mash the buttons/joystick after being knocked down), running jump attacks (double-tap forward then jump and attack), each characters Super Desperation Move, and all but one type of throw (including unique auto-throws at the end of combos)
* The World version has different bounty values for each enemy on the Assessment Day screen- this means it can be harder to reach the Border amount, although you generally earn more Finesse Points in each mission.
* When Dr. Crayborn is dropping the bomb in Mission 5, the World version has him dropping the bomb quickly but with no enemies, whereas other versions have him drop it slowly but with enemies spawning to get in your way.
* The first section of Mission 2 uses a completely different background between the World and Japanese/Alpha Renewal versions.
* The start of Mission 3 refers to the enemies as Moles instead of Moguralians in the World/Alpha Renewal version (the Assessment Day screen still calls them Moguralians though).
* The lights that explode at the start of Mission 3 are missing from the World version, as is the cauldron of human skeletons in the boss area.
* The pre-mission speech from Dr. Crayborn, the Final Assessment after Mission 5, and the secret tip after getting the Bad Ending are all missing from the World version.
* The entire World version soundtrack has different instrumentation, usually worse-sounding with no voice samples, and some songs even have different melodies.
* In Mission 5, Indifferent Zero Other is used as the music for the Dr. Crayborn fight in the World version, instead of the song starting as he's about to drop the bomb.
* Rosa's unique credits music is not in the World or Alpha Renewal versions at all.

Next, all the English 'good' endings from the Alpha Renewal version of the game.




Zan/Claude & Matt/Bubba

Rosa/Flame & Zan/Claude

Matt/Bubba & Rosa/Flame

All City Sweepers

All the 'good' endings have this message as well (with names changed depending on who's present):

Finally, the song lyrics for An-Non TO`KI`ME`KI Street, Rosa's credits theme.

With a million thanks to @RahanAkero, we now have the original Katakana in text...

いろめくまちは ロマネスク
ドキドキであいの シチュエーション
せのびしてみた ハイヒール
(BINかん) ときめみかくして
(DONかん) ためいきシグナル
わたしのウワキな まいごのハート
きたいにふくらむ むなもとの
おとめのサイズは ヒミツなの
ふれたら だれより ねつっぽい
おもいをあなたに あげるから

Then converted to Romaji...

iromeku machi wa ROMANESUKU
senobishite mita HAIHIIRU
(BIN-kan) tokimeki kakushite
AITSU wo matteru
(DON-kan) tameiki SHIGUNAR
U hayaku mitsukete yo
watashi no UWAKI na maigo no HAATO
kitai ni fukuramu munamoto no
otome no SAIZU wa HIMITSU na no
furetara dare yori netsuppoi
omoi wo anata ni ageru kara

And finally, a very rough English translation!
@RahanAkero would like us to stress this is a very rough translation...
But hey, people like me know the gist of what's being said here now, so thanks again!

The lively city is romanesque
The situation is a heart-pounding meeting
Trying to stand on tiptoe in my high-heels
Noises coming and going through the junction
(BIN-kan) My heart's aflutter
That guy is waiting for me
(DON-kan) A heavy sigh is the signal
Hurry up and find me
My fickle, lost heart!
My chest swells with expectation
A woman's size is a secret!
Anyone who felt this way would go wild
These are the feelings I get from you

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